Who is Anti-Christ

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  1. thirdmillenium profile image60
    thirdmilleniumposted 13 years ago

    Anti-Christ is not one entity or a single person.

    Christian churches, one and all, have forgotten Jesus' teachings and have  twisted true facts of Bible completely out of shape to suit their  indoctrinated  perceptions and the resultant false beliefs into "real" truth.

    In short, they are teaching something far removed from what Jesus said about many things. Trinity, for example. Holy Ghost has never been meant to mean a separate and whole being by Him. Those who pray routinely to Father, Son and Holy Ghost are erring very seriously. It is Satan, who is in complete control of all churches.

    I dare submit that Christianity as we know it in all its manifestations is the Anti-Christ. And, all other religions have nothing to do with Anti-Christ. At most, they are non-Christ, so to speak.

    Antichrist is right now actively misrepresenting, counterfeiting, taking the place of the true Christ. In other words, usurping the position of Christ.
    The Apostle John points out  in  1 John 2:18,19: “Ye have heard that The Antichrist shall come. Even now there are many antichrists.” The Greek distinguishes between The special Antichrist and the numerous lesser ones. John’s subsequent remarks show that he does not refer to all opposers of Christ and his Church, such as Islam, but to a certain class who, still professing to be of the true Church, had left the foundation principles of the truth, and were therefore not only misrepresenting the truth, but were, in the eyes of the world, taking the place and name of the true Church. John says of these, “They went out from us, but they were not of us…” They do not represent us, Christ’s true followers, even though they may deceive themselves and the world on this subject.

    It is important to fix the concept in our minds that this Man of Sin, this Antichrist, that existed in the Apostle Paul’s day (2 Thes…) could not be a single individual. The Man of Sin is more appropriately described as a system that has developed in the early centuries and would only be revealed before the Lord’s second advent. This system, which for a time has been permitted to counterfeit the authority and future reign of the true Lord and his Church, has intoxicated the nations with false claims of a God given right to reign. A single individual could never fulfill all the predictions made concerning The Antichrist—only a corrupt system—an unholy union of church and civil government.

    1. profile image50
      paarsurreyposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      I agree with you; you are perfectly right.

      We know that Paul had a deal with the kings at Rome, later the Church followed him, to invent a religion which did not pertain to Jesus; a misnomer as the word “Christianity” denotes; Paul is the seed of Anti-Christ which flourished with Church and with colonialism it spread in the world.

      1. skipper112 profile image59
        skipper112posted 13 years agoin reply to this

        Oh Parr,
        What deal with the kings of rome, facts please.??

        Show were Paul and the Church are different to Jesus?

        I have heard you spill some rubbish but now you are just full of nonesencs, you are going to give everdence to support your words, arn't you Pass,??

        may your God walk with you

    2. skipper112 profile image59
      skipper112posted 13 years agoin reply to this


      I'm afraid you use  so much generalision, and draw a extreamley long bow. In regards to the Trinity I thought you knew  it was the 3 facets of  God. I will need more facts to even start to underastand your totaly unreasonably and false statements about the Christian Religion.

      I also notice you embrace Islam , who teaches the exact opposite to Christianity.

      Sorry mate but you are going to get facts to support your attacks on the Christian Church

      I am Catholic ( Christian) the Catholic Bible still Follows the TEACHING of Jesus Christ.

      Please explain who has ' A God given right to reign' please tell me who or what you refere to?
      My view nor my teaching has not changed in my life time,so please tell me were the Christian faith has CHANGED.?

      may your God walk with you

      1. profile image0
        china manposted 13 years agoin reply to this

        Maybe you missed the reference to Paul setting the seeds of the antichrist. 

        It is a widely held belief by many that the bible story that Paul rewrote to make the base of the current bible are the seeds of the antichrist that grew into your catholic church.

        The clear and obvious variations between the 'doctrines' of the catholic church and the practices of its followers  and the supposed sayings of christ should be evidence enough that one is opposite to the other - even Paul's own doctored version of the original story.

    3. profile image0
      Brenda Durhamposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      I agree "Antichrist" is not one single individual.
      Nor is it one single "church".
      It is simply the spirit of denial of Jesus Christ.
      It's all around us, and in many churches as well as in our governments as well as in many individuals, both secular and those who claim to be "religious".

      It's a spiritual/Spiritual battle that's going on.  AntiChrist is a spirit of unbelief and rebellion.  It got Obama elected.  It has many people who think they're Christians hood-winked.  It has many so-called Christians acting politically-correct and letting outright unrepentant perversion in through the church doors.
      It's that simple.
      I think maybe you're attempting to pinpoint something that's not pin-pointable when you try to lay blame on any one religion (though some religions ARE definitely Antichrist from the start; and yes Isam is one of those.)

      1. profile image0
        china manposted 13 years agoin reply to this

        Ohhhhhh  !!  you mean the antichrist is anything not rabid moralising right wing !

      2. Richieb799 profile image74
        Richieb799posted 13 years agoin reply to this

        People think the 'Beast' will be like the 'anti-christ', but the term 'beast' in biblical terms only refers to 'men in power without honour', a particular kind of man.

        1. profile image0
          Twenty One Daysposted 13 years agoin reply to this

          correct. A perfect example was Nebuchadnezzar who became a wild "beast" for seven years, until he was restored.

          Anything anti "Anointing" (literal translation of Christ/Christos) is anything/anyone that blasphemes the Spirit, be it words, events, images, thoughts, beliefs, etc.

    4. pennyofheaven profile image79
      pennyofheavenposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      What is truth? What is "real" truth?

      1. profile image50
        paarsurreyposted 13 years agoin reply to this

        The world is convinced that Roman Catholicism is Christianity. Yet when one examines the Bible—even the Roman Catholic Bible—one soon discovers the obvious difference, and the many distinct contradictions that exist between Roman Catholicism and true Biblical Christianity. This difference reveals Roman Catholicism as nothing but old paganism clothed in Christian veneer.
        This was initiated by Paul- the seed of Anti-Christ, at Rome.

        Paul was the wolf in sheep's clothing as Jesus had earlier warned the sheep, in time.

  2. Jerami profile image59
    Jeramiposted 13 years ago

    thirdmillenium  wrote..
       This system, which for a time has been permitted to counterfeit the authority and future reign of the true Lord and his Church, has intoxicated the nations with false claims of a God given right to reign.
    - - - - - -

      It seems to me that religion has rolled up two,three, or four different representations of "Antichrist" ... into one concept, or one person.  By doing so forecasting this concept off out into our future, where it  DOES  NOT  belong.

        Seems like to me.

  3. aka-dj profile image66
    aka-djposted 13 years ago

    The antichrist will be ONE man, in the last days.
    Asking WHO he is (will be) is not going to get a straight answer. No-one  knows. All we can find is what kind of person he will be. What he will do etc.

    Your generalisation about "it" being present throughout the ages, till now, is actually the "spirit of antichrist", which has indeed been working from day dot.

    Wait and see. He's not that far from being revealed. big_smile

    1. profile image0
      china manposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      Nah - you have it compeltely wrong.  Your book is the seed of the antichrist movement sown by Paul, even your comments are part of the antichrist as they reveal all the attributes of it - from the smugness of "you are going to get yours soon" comments to the insistence on flat earth style theories cos it is writ in in the book.  Your book has sent generations of so-called christians scuttling off along the wrong path in pursuit of a heaven that they would be prohibited from entering if it existed.

      1. aka-dj profile image66
        aka-djposted 13 years agoin reply to this

        Who told you I believed in a flat earth?

        It gets real tiring being "pidgeonholed" by ones like you, who just ASSUME.

        Find out a bit about a person before you throw this kind of trash at them.
        Thanx! mad

        1. skipper112 profile image59
          skipper112posted 13 years agoin reply to this

          I agree to 'ASSUME' just makes a ass out of you and me.So do not worry if anybody ASSUME'S  something about you, it is only because they do not know anything.

          may your God walk with you

        2. profile image0
          china manposted 13 years agoin reply to this

          I have been reading your comments for a long time in the forums -I think they speak for themselves.  And your comments are in support of the backard thinking of creationism, the appearance of some god figure in 2012 or therabouts and other general strange theories from the pages of an ancient many times re-written book.  I think that pigeonholing these ideas under flat earth theory is about right - and you are at least right in that they are trash.

          1. skipper112 profile image59
            skipper112posted 13 years agoin reply to this

            china man,
            if this is the best you can come up with. Then your comments speak for themselves, all talk, no proof, how sad. Guess we will wait  forever , now w know you are all talk no proof, such a wast of time, without proof your comments are worthless trash.


  4. Jerami profile image59
    Jeramiposted 13 years ago

    Who the Antichrist is depends upon which one you are referring to.
       The one discussed in the book of Daniel as the Little Horn was Hadrian, the 14Th emperor of the Fourth beast
    (fourth kingdom)
       He was also the last emperor to have dominion over that Hebrew Nation that those prophesy was written to.

  5. skipper112 profile image59
    skipper112posted 13 years ago


    Well as a Catholic, and christian I follow My Lord Jesus Christ.

    I'll call a 'spade a spade' I belive in the Holy Bible, and right up to this day no one has proved it wrong.

    You really must hate Paul and The Catholic Church so  it seems, I guess you will have to give 'proof' of some kind of Pauls 'doctored' version, and your 'clear and obvious variations'of The Catholic Church and it's followers. And I belive you can do neither.

    To be straight Thirdmillenium, you are high on accusations and short on  proof, but that is ok as I belive you cannot prove anything you say.

    It is so easy to talk about anything as long as  you do not have to prove anything you say.

    As your statement's are so vage, I guess you are not serious in what you say.

    Also it is usless to ask you anything as you  never reply.
    Can you give any proof to support your claims??
    Can you give any proof to support your claims about the Catholic Church?
    Can you give proof of Paul rewriting, and Give the 'undoctored ' version?

    Also I fail to see how Islam is 'anti Christ' as Islam states they belive in Jesus and Mary and the Angel Gabrial,  I do not accept anything Islam says. Islam even states that ' Allah 'saved' Jesus from the cross," But I do not belive that, Islam wants to be in the Bible. But Islam nor Mohammed or Allah are mentioned in the Bible.

    So I will sign off and see if you can PROVE anything, over to you now Thirdmillenium, lets see what PROOF you HAVE.!!

    China man,

    What reference, please quote it in full.?
    You state Paul rewrote a  'text' then please Quote   the original text, as you must know that to know Paul rewrote it.?
    Give me Pauls undoctored version of the original story.?
    So China Man it is time to put up or shut up.

    may your God walk with you

  6. Greek One profile image64
    Greek Oneposted 13 years ago

    I thought my good friend Mark Knowles admitted he was??


  7. profile image57
    exorterposted 13 years ago

    I believe there are a lot of anti Christ statements made in these threads.
    There are a lot of antichrist statements made in a lot of Christian churches today and good chance through out history, but there are a lot of good Christian Churches that will lead a lot of people to Heaven, there are good people in all Christian Churches.
    It does not matter what the name is of the christian church, if they teach the word of God they are going down the right path.
    the word says "if you keep the whole law yet offend in one point, you are guilty of all, so we must watch, and warn those how are going astray in one point.
    does it really matter if some one wants to call Jesus by  the name of Allah? I do not know.
    I do know that if you worship God and try to live by His Love, He will not cast you out.

    1. Jerami profile image59
      Jeramiposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      Good morning exorter
        I think that the two witnesses as described in Rev. 11 were sent down to the earth  Long Long ago, and they are teaching Gods message within the churches today.
          However there has been a certain amount of corruption that has crept into the churches through the ages.
         Right and wrong choices are available to be made everywhere; even within the church.
        I think that the two witnesses are teaching,  worship and serve God.
        And another message is being taught ...  to serve and worship the religion.
         There is a thin invisible line between the two.

      1. profile image57
        exorterposted 13 years agoin reply to this

        good evening Jerami
        sometimes the preacher wants to be worshiped, I have seen a case of that here,
        I did not stay after that, even tho he was preaching the word the majority of the time
        Do not want to have to watch the Word as close as I would have to there.
        generally you allways know when the Word is being strayed away from

  8. Greek One profile image64
    Greek Oneposted 13 years ago

    THIS is the anti-christ...



    1. skipper112 profile image59
      skipper112posted 13 years agoin reply to this

      Greek One,
      He could be mate, as he looks to be " High' on something, I belive this man is so high on drugs he thinks he is God, the poor misguided fool.
      may your God walk with you


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