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Time for Yourself

  1. profile image47
    Chosenwomanposted 6 years ago

    With all the things we all have to do, from our careers, families, school and so forth we can get so busy that we tend to forget about ourselves. We make time for others but we need to remember to take time out for ourselves. If we don't make time for ourselves we will get lost and forget what it means to just have your ME TIME.

    Do you make time for yourself on a regular basis or you have forgotten to? Remember the people and things you do love you very much, but if we don't take time for ourselves we will forget that we too are important. If one does not take time for themselves how can you be there for the other people in your lives?

    1. Disappearinghead profile image78
      Disappearingheadposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I'm constantly told by my wife that I take too much me time. Still a man can never win an argument.

    2. Daniella Lopez profile image92
      Daniella Lopezposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Sadly, my only real "me" time comes when I take a shower. I usually take my time and relax; trying to balance myself. However, it's nice how that 20 minute shower every morning can really help keep me centered throughout the day. big_smile

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    klarawieckposted 6 years ago

    I don't have as much ME time as I'd like. When I do I have to sacrifice some other thing I had to do (run an errand or do house chores). My only ME time happens when I go to sleep an hour earlier to read a book or just catch some Zzz's.

  3. kess profile image61
    kessposted 6 years ago

    me time is the time given to another....cause what else is there?

  4. Midnight Oil profile image81
    Midnight Oilposted 6 years ago

    I need a bit of me time to re-charge and re-centre otherwise I cannot give my best...

  5. profile image47
    Chosenwomanposted 6 years ago

    that is so right we can't give our best when we are not ourselves