Disease and Afflictions

  1. Rhonda Elisha profile image62
    Rhonda Elishaposted 7 years ago

    This information is for all whom desire understanding: Those who know their God and those whom desire him (The God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob forever): As noted: In Scripture (Exodus 3:14-15) “The Sovereign God says, this is his eternal name.” 

    Under the New Covenant, after the Lord's death sacrifice of mercy: As noted: In Scripture (Galatians 5:24) “The natural evil desires of man was crucified with him.” Listen Intently! (Man's natural evil desires)! The Holy Spirit is through verse of scripture, referring to man's spirit; not that of the flesh. Man upon the Lord's death was granted the privilege by God for the redemption of his soul.” (The spirit of man). Man's flesh and the spirit are those separate of another, both, in constant battle against one another. As noted: In Scripture (Galatians 5:17) “The flesh and the spirit being the two forces that constantly battle.” And there is also, the Lord Messiah words addressed toward his disciples in the garden grove of Gethsemane, upon saying of man's spirit: As noted: In Scripture (Mattathiah/Matthew 26:41) “The body is weak but the spirit is willing.” These scriptures, thus, confirmed by the Holy Spirit that man's body and his soul (the spirit) are those separate of another.

    Man physical bodies is that which are still warranted under the inherited curse of Adam and Eve! Which is why there is disease and sickness. Listen Intently! Which is why man's body will die; It is from sin, referring to the curse from (Adam and Eve); But, those whom have accepted the invitation of the Lord's offer of salvation, will receive the redemption of their souls (the spirit).

    The Lord did not come as a sacrifice and die for Adam curse (The house of Babylon)! Listen Intently! As noted: In Scripture (Acts 15:15-18) “The Lord prediction through the words of the prophet Amos: That the Lord Yeshua “a  Jew” will die to renew the broken contract from David and in turn, the New Contract, to include the Gentiles.”  The Lord death calmed the anger of God against the curse of his creation (The Israelites).” Remember: As noted: In Scripture (Deuteronomy 32:8-9) “When God divided up the nations, he gave each of them a supervising angel! But he appointed none for Israel; For Israel was God's own personal possession.” Therefore: As noted: In Scripture (Acts 5:30-31) “The Lord's death sacrifice of mercy being for the people of Israel to have an opportunity for repentance, and for their sins to be forgiven.” This, thus, also to include the Gentiles (those of Babylon household) whom became abandoned upon Babylon destruction at the time of the Lord's sacrifice of death. The Lord's death sacrifice of mercy did not cover the curse of Adam and Eve against (the household of Babylon) nor diminish the curse giving against Adam of the body (against those his descendants). But allowed the household of Babylon (the children) to leave behind her crimes and be those adopted into the Lord's family, though, the curse upon the flesh will still incur. The Lord's death of mercy “for the people of Israel to have an opportunity for repentance and for their sins to be forgiven” did not eliminate the punishment. The punishment still, thus (occurred)!

    For God punishment does what is announced; as spoken of him to his Israelites: As noted: In Scripture (Jeremiah 30:10-16) “God Forgives and Pardons” (but punishment is assured).” Man's body still holds to the curse against it given by God, inherited from the former guardian, Sin, it is man's inherited disease ! For, as noted: In Scripture (Isaiah 64:6) “Man is infected and impure with the disease of sin.”  But, God through his mercy, extended to the orphaned children of Babylon, after her destruction upon his death of mercy, the chance for the redemption of their souls, though (not the bodies). The bodies continue to lay upon the curse! Against the household of Babylon. Remember, The Lord's death of mercy allowed for the invitation, therefore, although Babylon children have been orphaned, there is still the choice of those choosing to maintain under her household. Also,  remember: God decreed word of punishment always stand assured! as noted: In Scripture (Daniel 11:36) “God word is assured!” And thus, remember: As noted: In Scripture (Malachi 3:6) “God do not change!” The separation of man's body and soul as now to be understood, is the Lord mercy to man concerning his new home; Regarding man's new bodies, that will be giving to man upon entering (The Lord New Kingdom; The New Jerusalem).

    This allowing understanding to man that (he) being only connected to the former parents (Adam and Eve), through the sharing of the curse against the body but separated from (Adam and Eve) through the spirit (the man's soul). For, from the invited Lord's adoption (Those whom accept the adoption invitation) in-turn, God is not holding that man responsible for the spiritual wrongs of the former parent behavior; But, the inherited curse against the flesh, thus, stands.

    Therefore, man's body in-turn, do not come under God's saving power of redemption; The Lord's death of mercy did not eliminate the curse against the body (the flesh). Man bodies will suffer and die as promised of God. As noted to Adam and Eve and furthered Illustrated as noted: In Scripture (Malachi 3:6) “God do not change!”

    The redemption of man's soul (his spirit) thus, being confirmed of  promise from God, as noted: In Scripture (Ezekiel 18:4)  For, God says: “It is for a man (own) sins he will die.” God's word of prophecy being spoken long before to Moses: As noted: In Scripture (2 Kings 14:6) God says: “Fathers shall not be killed for their children, nor children for the sins of their fathers: “Everyone must pay the penalty for his own sins.”  This allowing further understanding to man of (he) being separated from Adam (but) through his own personal spirit (one being responsible for his own reasoning). Man's bodies are still subjected to the inherited curse of Adam and Eve; for also, remember God's words as noted: In Scripture (Deuteronomy 7:9-10) God says: “He is the faithful God whom shows his love and keeps his promises throughout thousands of generations  but those who hate him are publicly destroyed.” Therefore, those destroyed, thus, having received God's curse. But, in God mercy, though, the body must suffer he has given man a reprieve from this generational curse “Inherited from the former parents “Adam and Eve” being (the freeing of man's spirit from the wrongs of the parent). This is God's mercy!

    The earthly bodies will rot and decay (for some men); But the spirit from the man whom has accepted the Lord's invitation of adoption, thus, God's salvation; The man whom has been by the instruction and direction from the Holy Spirit, been refined and cleansed from God's commandments upon the mind, Thus, having gained God's wisdom, knowledge and understanding; After that (man) death upon the present earth; He will enter into God's New Kingdom, the New Jerusalem (That man cleansed spirit) too, in-turn, unite (be conjoined) with his new body promised of God. The body that will contain God's power, strength and eternal existence (God's Life Giving Spirit). God plan of purpose! God's reality! To cleanse the (man) spirit while on earth to fit the new promised body, that awaits! Upon entering his new home. As noted: In Scripture (Hebrews 2:11) “Being cleansed makes one holy”  Therefore, that man being as God (His rightful heirs, His sons). Those made holy as he is; The children as promised to Abraham. As noted: In Scripture (Genesis 18:18-19) “God promised Abraham his children will be a holy people.” God plan of purpose!  God's reality!

    The new body given from God, to the man (his reward through struggle) being conjoined with the man's already prepared spirit are not the only gifts to be giving to that man of God promise. All that was desired (imagined) of that man while he awaited to be harvested/raptured (God's retrieval of him) those things will now be awarded. For, the man whom waits upon God, thus, imagines of that which he desires for his own personal self, that being of God's will is not of the imaginary; but God visual gift planted in his mind through the Holy Spirit, as God's miracle, a divine blessing. For the man loving God, when making a petition to the Lord by that man in faith; He receives! If a man asked of the Lord to tell him the future (that man will be answered) if done in faith: The Holy Spirit says: As noted: In Scripture (Isaiah 8:18)  “So why are you trying to find out the future by consulting witches and mediums? Don't listen to their whispering and mutterings. Can the living find out the future from the dead? Why not ask God?” And as noted: In Scripture (Yohanan/John 16:13) “The Holy Spirit will reveal (show) man the future!”
    These scriptures thus, confirming: The Lord will foretell the future and the Holy Spirit will reveal (show) it.There are no words that can express the Glory and scenery and God's family in the New Jerusalem! There is nothing to compare!  Nothing! The Glory of itself – witnessed by man, will bring a man to humility!

    The cleansing of the spirit is God's will (God plan of purpose) to allow man becoming acceptable to meet with his new awarded heavenly body; For a man filthy spirit cannot be conjoined with that which is holy, which is why that man spirit must be accounted (worthy), one being cleansed! But not through the performance of ritual behavior; But by following God's commandments (the behavioral instructions) those written on the mind; In-turn, allowing the Holy Spirit instructions and direction to achieve what is desired of God. As noted: In Scripture (Amos 5:24) “God wants a torrent of good works” This in-turn, will therefore, modify behavior and also cover a multitude of sins.

    The Lord's understanding of  the (phrase) “The rebuilding of his Temple!” As spoken to his former disciples. The Lord is referring to his people (spiritually) their souls (man's spirit). For the Lord's New Temple has already been built, but not by the hands of man. As Noted: In Scripture (Hebrews 8:1-2) “God presently already ministers in heaven in the Temple not built by man.” God's Heavenly Temple is already (literally) constructed; It's description being described to prophet Ezekiel: As noted: In Scripture (Ezekiel) chapters 40-48).

    God plan of purpose for man is for the rebuilding of man (his) spiritual temple; for each man is symbolically referred by God the Lord as his temple. Therefore, this is why the Lord says: As noted: In Scripture (Isaiah 52:11-12) “Leave Babylon behind, your bonds and slavery. “It is unclean, purify yourselves, those belonging to the Lord.” The Holy Spirit referring through these scriptures: The bonds and the slavery representing: As Babylon children, man being tied to her household! Therefore, as children belonging to her, are also those being tied to her crimes, her sins and God's curse against her (being slaves of her transgressions). The Lord's invitation of adoption, by man's acceptance, severs  the bond, thus, freeing that man from the contract, the bond therefore being broken, in-turn, allowing for the complete freeing and separation from Babylon of his spirit. (The leaving behind). This is why the Lord use of (term) being “He has invited!” For the one invited has a choice to reject an invitation. Remember: Man is endowed with his own will! God plan of purpose! For The Lord do not impose himself upon a man's will; Through respect, that man is allowed to make his own choice. It is through God's love of his creation that he desire them safety, which is cause for the invitation.

    As Illustration: A child adopted can not change his appearance (the body) nor diminish  any disease and illness being genetic or that contracted through immoral behavioral practices thus, inherited by the former parent. But, that child can be separated though the spirit (the thoughts and intentions). In understanding: The ignorant and rebellious behavior taught and fostered by the previous parent can be modified by the new caregiver to allow for a change in behavior. Therefore, the child becoming conjoined (grafted in unity) meeting with the new family methods of acceptable behavior.
    *******This being the Lord's plan of purpose toward those belonging to the household of Babylon; (Her former children, the orphans). Those whom accept God's invitation of adoption.

    Though, the Lord upon his mercy of death, did not eliminate the curse against man's  body; The Lord still in his mercy, thus, allowed as his grace to man for the extended knowledge given from him to others (men in the practice of medicine) to assist those from the suffering sustained through disease and illness. The men of former days and some of today, thus, offer God the thankfulness of his grace and mercy for the practice of medicine. For, it is acknowledged through (The Hippocratic Oath), that is announced by all doctors whom graduate from the study of medicine. Although, though Greek belief at the time of it's inscription, the oath was directed toward the thanks giving toward a number of healing gods. But all was from the Living God, His Grace. The mercy in  allowing some men to obtain his wisdom knowledge and understanding, so to relieve his people from the suffering of disease and illness. God's love of his creation!

    Although, some still die; This is God's will! By arguing against this principle, one is taken on the personal fight against the Almighty Father and that of his Son, the Lord Yeshua. As noted: In Scripture (Deuteronomy 32:39) “God is God, he kills and make live, wounds and heals, no one delivers from his power.” And as noted: In Scripture (Isaiah 43:13) God says: “No one can oppose what he does.” For, remember: Adam and Eve were pronounced death as the curse for their disobedience, therefore, being the  inheritance to the off-spring. God mercy extends through the (relief) of suffering through medicine but not as a miracle placement for an eternal cure against death. Remember: As noted: In Scripture (Isaiah 44:27) “All to occur is by God spoken word!”

    In Scripture (Ephesians 4:30) “The Holy Spirit pronounces to the Lord those marked ready to receive the salvation from sin.”

    1. Jesus was a hippy profile image61
      Jesus was a hippyposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      That's very interesting except for one thing. Unless you can prove any of it to be true, then it is simply conjecture and I shall treat it as such.

    2. paradigmsearch profile image88
      paradigmsearchposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Spammer back in town.


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