My God is better than your God

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  1. Castlepaloma profile image75
    Castlepalomaposted 6 years ago

    If you went to an international convention with all the mainstream religions in the World at on place, What would you find that all Religions would agree upon?

    All the Religion would agree, that they are the right way and only way to God


    Out of hundreds of versions of the bible, Take just one example, the Catholic ( over a billion Christians members.

    Pope Boniface  We declare, we proclaim, we define that it is absolutely necessary for salvation that every human creature be subject to the Roman Pontiff.xii

    By Pope John Paul II .. I AM THE WAY AND THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE."Don't go to God for forgiveness of sins, come to me.

    Another God present here on earth  Pope Benedict, he claims Nazis were atheists Child Rape isn't so bad.

    My God is better than your God, cause I'm better than you, 
    I can do anything cause I'm amoug the chosen few.

    The book tells me how to think, who to love, it's truth
    To love my enemy, so be careful, I know eye for eye and tooth for tooth

    My God shows how life is and how it should be.
    Your god belongs in hell, it's wrong, I'm nice, you want some tea?

    My God has full knowledge, is right, moral, with the light.
    Your God is silly, stupid, lame and can't beat my God with all your might

    My God has been here before the Universe had started, he is real without sin, 
    You non-believer, are not good enough for him l, just throw your mind in the garbage bin 

    My God is better than your god, tell me its is true.
    Cause if you don’t, My God will come again and make you suffer in 2002
    I'm bad with math and science, could you be so kind and tell me is 2012 when it ends?
    My God is better than your God, Until then, I'll drive you mad and around the bend


    1. GoldenBird profile image60
      GoldenBirdposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      People love humble individuals. It's an universal requirement. I believe God is no exception. He speaks to those who are willing to listen.

      ......Great religious poetry here!

    2. Disappearinghead profile image75
      Disappearingheadposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      It is well established that the Gods of one nation are the demons of another. The Zoroastrian Ahura (Good God) became the Indian Ashura/Shiva (bad gods) and the Indian Divas (good gods) became the Zorastrian Daemon (demons, evil gods)

      1. Castlepaloma profile image75
        Castlepalomaposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        You are aware that the bible has spreads the greatest bloodshed ever known to mankind and separate groups and individuals from their own way or new way of thinking.  I have toured 6 continents and wouldn’t have gotten  along as well as I have with other cultures and religions if my thinking was very limited to the James version of the bible.

        It's beautiful to be childlike, don't you think being deeply one sided, it's just childish? Is it not better to have an enough of an adult view on life,? after all the whole world is our family

        1. GoldenBird profile image60
          GoldenBirdposted 6 years agoin reply to this

          Great words Castlepaloma! 

          Artists are really like the Nervous system of society smile I don't know what else to say, but you spoke jewels here.

          1. Castlepaloma profile image75
            Castlepalomaposted 6 years agoin reply to this

            Thanks, going to make it a hub, after some edit

            1. GoldenBird profile image60
              GoldenBirdposted 6 years agoin reply to this

              Please make it a non-commercial hub. smile

              (I am kidding!)

        2. Disappearinghead profile image75
          Disappearingheadposted 6 years agoin reply to this

          I don't know what your problem is with my post. I was just commenting on the fact that followers of one religion have a habit of demonising another. What I stated wasn't one sided at all.

          1. Castlepaloma profile image75
            Castlepalomaposted 6 years agoin reply to this

            Don't have  any problem with your post, I guess i'm just venting about what is the whole purpose of the bible, when it creates more harm than good.

            What about a new  way of healthy thinking in the present  rather than going back to the way it was,?

            1. Disappearinghead profile image75
              Disappearingheadposted 6 years agoin reply to this

              The bible is what it is. Yes it's full of bloodshed and we can be happy and grateful that we were born in the 20th Century. I don't think anyone, Jew, Christian, or of no faith, would ever want to see these scenes from the bible ever again, or use the bible to conduct holy wars or inquisitions.

              When Assyria, Babylon, Greece, and Rome conquered Israel, conducting wholesale massacres, rape, pillaging, and ethnic cleansing, they were acting as most civilisations behaved in those times. The bible provides a historical commentary on these events. Do you think this history caused more harm than good to those reading it centuries later?

              We like to think we live in more enlightened times now, not the brutality of the past. But many countries of Africa still live in a brutal and savage world, and America's actions during the gulf wars were pretty brutal. 20 years ago, savagery broke out across the former Yugoslavia. 30 years ago Polpot was leading hoards of Kymer Rouge murdering their way through millions of Cambodians.

              Whatever view we might have of the bible from our Western culture, the events described are nothing new, and not uncommon to all civilisations past and present.

    3. profile image59
      paarsurreyposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Since there is only ONE Creator God; so the above sentence is wrong.

      1. Castlepaloma profile image75
        Castlepalomaposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        Let settle this once and for all, on who has the Best God?

        1. Let pick a place for a fight, let say Israel and  to let you know, this fight may go on for another 1000 or so years.
        2.  The winner gets all the souls forever, all in some kind of one world order. The winner get to live their life like Paradise or be extremely happy with end to our World.
        3. No stealing oil, No making too many babies you can't afford,
        4. No nukes, No burning the village to save the village,
        5.No torture and slavery, No blaming it all on Satan,
        6.No suicide and No harming Mother earth.during the fight.

        Come out with clean hands and fight, and  may the best God win.

        Mmmm uh mmmm …..wait …...wait   …...u mmmm …..................................umm '''''''….......
        What you can't fight under these God like conditions


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