Ghost, Yeah its just a ghost.

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    jsmith0520posted 5 years ago

    Hey HubPages Forums,

        I have a ? about ghost and the belief of ghost. So my question is, if you believe in heaven and hell, and that if someone were to die and go to either place, how can you believe in ghost as well. I have never seen or experienced any kind of paranormal activity. I've heard stories and I watch T.V. (We all know what can been see on T.V.) So I want to believe in ghost, and I mean I really want to see something that I can't explain. But I'm a religious person, and by that I mean I believe in God, Jesus, Heaven and Hell, etc. The reason this topic came up is because I was at a friends house and she began talking about a ghost in her daughters bedroom. Then we someone got on the conversation of heaven and hell. Lol this is silly but I am terrified of the thought of being haunted. I just want to see something so I can believe that ghost and paranormal stuff is real, know what I mean? So if you would give me your opinion on this topic, and maybe a good ghost experience of your own. I might get the courage go go ghost hunting myself. Okay, like always thanks for reading.

       Jeremy S.

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      Disappearingheadposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      There is no biblical evidence for the existence of ghosts. The only "evidence" that I've ever heard in church is the case where King Saul went to see a witch to ask her to conjure up Samuel from the grave. In the account it is not stated that his spirit appeared, just that the witch claimed to see him. Now considering she was doing this for money and like all good psychics, she was good at cold reading, I suggest she made it up and told Saul what she expected that Samuel would have said based on her knowledge that he was a famous prophet.

      So in the absence of spirits of the dead hanging about, the Church generally suggests ghost are demons. However demons do not exist, (note they do not appear anywhere in the Hebrew scriptures and in the NT "demons" are the result of mental disorders and superstition).

      Therefore ghosts can only be the results of human imagination, subconscious misleading us, or willfull interpretation of random events. There have been plenty of "ghost watch" tv programmes where the crew visit haunted houses, but no evidence is ever found.