Mans wisdom ... LOL

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    Jeramiposted 5 years ago

    I just answered a comment to Eliza7 on a hub and thought it worthy for a thread.  I have already made my heart felt statement and see no reason to keep repeating the same statement over and over in debate; but would like to read what everyone else thinks.  If not it will soon sink to the bottom of the deep.

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    I just saw these comments this AM. Please excuse the delay in answering.

    Where do I start??? It is difficult to sort out the point which you are attempting to make amongst ALL of these WORDS.

    I’m not going to debate every issue which you brought up. I will attempt to argue them all at once with this comment.

    A phrase comes to mind ... How do you eat an elephant? Answer; "One bite at a time".

    Most of the things you wrote are from someone else’s interpretations of what they say is written in scripture.

    And where in scripture do these interpretations come, that we may examine them?

    We need to pick a starting point and read what is actually written and understand it before we proceed. Think of it as a foundation to build upon.

    The next issue for consideration has to fit upon that foundation. We can not distort the foundation to conform to every interpretations that comes later. When Gabriel interprets a matter, there is no need for further interpretation. As if he doesn’t know how to say exactly what he wants to say! To do so only leads us down a dark alley.

    For the purpose of understanding prophesy I have chosen the words of Gods messenger angel Gabriel a simple truth for a foundation to build my belief system upon. Any and all IDEAS which come into my head later must fit upon this foundation or it doesn’t belong. Otherwise the house I am building will look more like a hay stack having straight lines pointing in ALL direction.

    Except for one verse and the last half of chapter 12 of the book of Daniel, everything written pertains to events which occurred during the time of the first four kingdoms which were given dominion over THAT Hebrew Nation which was scattered to the four winds by 138 AD.

    Understand this FIRST before we attempt to go forward in search for answers.

    Most ALL of prophesy as written in the Old Testament point to the end of Days for that group of people which God and Abrahams covenant covers.

    Christians today are taught that we were grafted into that old covenant which is false.

    We are given a NEW covenant. The wisdom of scripture has been lost under a mountainous haystack of Mans wisdom (Personal Interpretation)

    We can not find our way out from under this haystack by studying other peoples’ interpretations. Mankind has already traveled too far down that road leading nowhere.

    To interpret the word of God to mean something different than what was intended falls under the definition of Blasphemy. The Beast which was given 42 months to blaspheme God, has been doing exactly that since its conception. To follow these false interpretations is allowing the blind to lead the blind.

    P.S. I don’t believe that God is going to send the blind to hell for being blind. After all; this is Gods plan. At this time I offer my best wishes and may God bless us all.