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How to plan recreational activities for families

Updated on March 5, 2013

Do you believe in the old and popular maxim “All work and no play make John a dull boy?”

Well most believe on this since life cannot be interesting and not worth living if all we do is work, work and just work, while setting aside play. We need activities to keep us going and to get rid of stress. We need activities to be physically, emotionally, socially and mentally fit. We need activities for our own personal development too. Activities can be our energizer since it helps us to unwind and even help us build strong bond with our family, relatives, friends and colleagues.

Recreation is also very important to the family. It provides the family members delight and satisfaction. Recreation promotes a feeling of belonging. It is an essential element in building self-confidence and self-esteem of each of the family member. It also permits parents to show the way for their children to accept defeat or to bask in victory. Hence, recreational is so important in our life.

Life in an urban area is usually hectic, but families should be able to still find time to have fun and celebrate various occasions such as New Year, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, weekends and the like.

Water biking can be a great way to have a great time!
Water biking can be a great way to have a great time!
If you have table and indoor space, then table tennis is a perfect sports activity for you.
If you have table and indoor space, then table tennis is a perfect sports activity for you.

When planning to have fun-filled activities for your family you may consider the following:

The family’s interest

A family with penchant for sports will inevitably choose sports activities such as playing ball games, racket games, cycling, water biking and among other outdoor sports. While a less active family will opt for indoor fun such as singing in videoke, playing computer games, playing musical instruments, telling stories, board games and other indoor games.

Equipment available for family fun

If you have table of course table tennis can be a source of enjoyment for the family. If you have ample enough space then the family members might consider running, cycling, cook-out, tea party or other outdoor fun that are expected to give participants laughter and fun. You need not buy pricey equipments, what matters most are the people making the most of the available resources.


Variety gets rid off monotony and boredom. Some families will opt to try other new activities to take full advantage of the element of surprise and indulge into a new adventure. If the family has enough spare money to use, then why not travel. This will let the family members enjoy the fun of sightseeing, fishing and camping together. You may also opt to have a vacation to a resort and frolic under the blistering heat of the sun and enjoy in subtle and pristine beach.

Cost or Budget

With the rising price of commodities spiked by an increasing inflation rate, money becomes a woe for many families. Nonetheless, this should not be an obstacle from enjoying each other’s company. The family can still have means to be happy even without huge money to burn like going to park, visit friends or relatives, have simple picnics or going to malls. Going to malls is slowly turning out to be a preferred activity of children and adults without spending too much. The mall may have some indoor activities in store for the people. Most malls are fully furnished and air-conditioned and have restaurants, arcade, cinemas, recreation areas, shops and resting areas. The sight and sounds here can be amusing as well. Be careful with your young kids, though, and make sure you are locking your eyes on them.


Always set a schedule several days ahead for your planned activities, since it helps build excitement and to let family members have something to look forward to and possibly cancel conflicting activities of their own.

Income-generating Activities

You may also indulge in a recreational activity that can also help your family earn extra income. You may opt to try making handicrafts, baking, candy-making, growing orchids and/or other flowering plants, breeding pet animals and among others.

Recreational activities are worth doing, it doesn’t only foster strong bond between family members it can also be a source of fun and excitement.

Thanks a lot for the read. Have Fun!


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      Gener Geminiano 5 years ago from Land of Salt, Philippines

      depende po...

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      michael vincent 5 years ago

      magkano ba ang entrance sa mga pasyalan?

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      michael vincent 5 years ago

      magkano ba ang entrance sa mga pasyalan?