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How to Have a Safe Summer Outing or Vacation

Updated on March 5, 2013

Summer is fast approaching but to have complete fun precautions should be observed.

Imagine this, frolic in the fine sand near the nearby sea or river, having a truly delectable picnic  underneath the shades of the trees around, playing volleyball with your friends or loved one and swimming under the blistering heat of the sun, whoa, this is indeed a treat that everyone will certainly enjoy. Fun and laughter will definitely never stop. How about a trip to some paradise-like beaches, this will certainly be a pure pleasure because you’ll get to see the splendors of the area with gusto as you can opt to have a kayak, cave exploration, island hopping and many more. Summer is indeed one of the most anticipated seasons of the year, and the way to beat the heat is going to beaches, resorts or even swimming pools. But to ensure the safety of everyone that will partake in this fun filled activity everyone must follow some guidelines, though. Here are some safety swimming tips provided by the National Association of Independent Travel Agencies (NAITA), to avoid unwanted accidents whilst enjoying the summer heat.

Here are some safety swimming tips provided by the National Association of Independent Travel Agencies (NAITA), to avoid unwanted accidents whilst enjoying the

  • Do not swim alone. A cramp happens and even if you are good in swimming, there is chance you’ll get drowned.
  • Always keep an eye on your child, the young ones are very prone to drowning since they instantly move from one place to another, as they can be enticed to swim or get carried away by the currents.
  • When the water is less than twelve feet do not dive, I knew two people already that dived in shallow pool and ended up wounded and bloodied and needs several stitches to close them, whew. One is a fellow excursionist while I’m in my collegiate years and one our student in my present work.
  • Do not eat foods while you swim, hehehe, the water is the place to swim not to eat. It is also advisable not to chew gums.
  • It’s definitely dangerous to push others or simply play around with others while swimming. Doing this is a bad joke since the one that you are pecking might not be good in swimming and might cause panic on her/his part when pushed down the pool.
  • Stay away from areas that are unsafe to swim.
  • Don’t overestimate the swimming skills of anyone and do not rely on flotation stuffs.
  • Take various signs that are posted around. Shun away from sharp edges and cliffs, for these are potential cause of cuts and even nasty wounds.
  • Check the depth and current of water before swimming.
  • Do not run into the waves for you might get bowled over literally, just like a pin getting hit by a bowling ball.
  • Don’t stay too long under the sun. Use sunscreen to avoid sunburn.
  • It is not advisable to save somebody else that is drowning unless you are trained to do so and you have necessary life saving equipments. A drowning person will likely panic in time of distress and could pull down the rescuer, this incident can be very dangerous especially if the current around is strong. A better alternative is throw flotation device and pull up the drowning person.
  • If the victim is unconscious and not breathing, give two slow rescue breaths, if this rescue breath finds their marks give cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR). However, if it does not go in, the rescuer should reposition the airway and try again. CPR, should go until life support comes in to the rescue. My college friends then went to a resort and that almost turned into a disaster since one almost drowned but saved on time, good thing is she was given appropriate CPR by one of our male classmate, hehehe, a life saving kiss, that is.
  • Parents should be vigilant and on alert for symptoms of heat exhaustion which includes paleness, cold and moist skin, sweating. Headache, nausea and increased pulse rate.

In a country surrounded by beaches and most of them at par best with other countries in the world, it is not surprising if you will hear some news of people getting drowned. Life is indeed precious for all of us, for each of us will live only once. Deaths attributed to swimming because of neligence can always be prevented. When I was young, well many moons ago, two neighboring kids of mine were drowned, one in a nearby river while the other at the nearby beach which is located at the Tondaligan Blue Beach in Dagupan City. Time and time again we need to be careful while having some fun under the sun.


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