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How to be Good Parents Through Sports

Updated on March 5, 2013

A sport discipline whether it is played by a team or an individual can be beneficial to your kids and if you are a parent of budding athlete or simply would like to have your children exposed to sports, the tips given here can be very useful.

Benefits of playing sports:

  • In different sports such as football, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, volleyball, taekwondo, karate and the like will instill the value of teamwork, discipline, leadership, rapport, hardwork, determination and sportsmanship to your children. They are also taught to respect authority through accepting the calls, judgments and decisions of the referees, umpires or the judges.
  • Kids through sports will learn how to move properly, value exercise, be in top shape and eat the proper diet. They will be able to learn how to hydrate before or after a game or practice.

Sports can be fun. Video from YouTube...

How to get your kids get started on the sport:

  • Show genuine interest towards sport, most kids are copycat if they see their parent not enthusiastic about sport they will also exhibit the same behavior.
  • One of the best ways to keep them interested is to watch games on television or practices of athletes near you. Whilst you are with your kids though do not get tangled with the technical issues with the coaches and as much as possible stay behind as a spectator or fan. With regards to referees their decision is final and irrevocable every time the whistle is blown. It is wise just to stay put.
  • Parents should respect the decisions of the coaches. Nevertheless, if you are not convince with the coaches decisions, goals and objectives, it is better to move to another sports club where your principles jives with the new coach.
  • Bear in mind that engaging your kids to sports is not about winning and raking lots of rewards. Rather concentrate on the development of your kids.
  • Be always prepared for anything
  • As I said earlier the call of the referees are final. Complaining and lodging of protests will not change the results and it will just give you anxieties and even problems.
  • If your kids play outdoor see to it that they are well safeguarded from the intense heat of the sun by virtue of using a sun block always.
  • See to it that your kids are hydrated at all times to avoid fatigue. Make it a habit to bring bottle water and Gatorade for your kids.
  • Teach them the value of practice to make them better and better as times goes by.
  • See to it that your kids are getting enough sleep and rest. So also they must be eating the appropriate diet to keep them always energetic. Most athletes consumes foods that are loaded with potassium such as bananas, broccolis and the like.
  • Teach them how to exercise everyday to keep their body fit and strong.
  • Be prepared for the bad words that may emanate from coaches and other parents, hehehe, especially in the most crucial moments of a match. We need to keep our kids prepared about bad scenarios that may surface during a match.

Thank you very much for the read.

My second hub in the HubChallenge


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    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 6 years ago from North Carolina

      Very good hub. Important info to keep in mind. I have a nephew who dislikes sports and is uncoordinated. Thank goodness he at least takes walks, exercises at the gym, and bikes where he has to go.