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How to Boost Your Child's Eating Habits

Updated on March 5, 2013

How to improve your toddler's behavior in eating nutritious foods.

How do you motivate your kids to eat vegetables? It is indeed bothersome when your kid is picky with the foods he eats, for he will surely miss out in extracting vitamins and minerals his body needs. Vitamins and minerals that are in abundance in vegetables and fruits can aid child's growth and even boosts intelligence. It is therefore important for your kid to be nourished with nutritious foods to meet the demands of active living.

Here are some FAQs about the appetite of your child:

  • What to expect in toddler or childhood years? Toddlers are expected to gain two to three kilograms per year. Additionally, preschoolers have slower average growths at just one to two kilograms annually. These pattern of reduced growth rate, can be mistaken as poor appetite.
  • What is Vitamin-fortified Chips? Chips lacks in vitamins and minerals to start with. To increase sales these products are bolstered and fortified with vitamins and minerals. It is advisable for your child to eat chips once in a while, since chips can ruin or lessen the appetite of your growing child.
  • What are the effects of not eating vegetables? Vegetables are good sources of many vitamins, nutrients, and fiber. Vegetables are in abundance of phytochemical which is well-known for its anti-cancer properties and also have fiber which is excellent in the proper elimination of waste and lowering cholesterol level in the blood.

Playing for a longer period of time is a sure to keep your kids hungry and lingers for foods...
Playing for a longer period of time is a sure to keep your kids hungry and lingers for foods...

Here are some simple and useful strategies that will surely lure your picky child to eat his meal with zest and gusto:

  • Let your child play, the longer the better. A kid that has ample fun and play for the whole day will surely get hungry. Consuming his energy playing all day long or engaging in an energy-sapping activity will surely make him crave for foods. A child that is good physically and emotionally are expected to have healthy appetite according to some respected medical practitioners.
  • Let your child try different kinds of dishes, if he like a certain dish, that is great. Otherwise, it is great still, for you will have an idea on which foods he likes and try to build a diet around from it. You can also try to make various dishes and different ways of serving meals or snacks. Foods that are sprinkled with different colors and have appeal, will surely entice your picky child to be a delightful plate cleaner.

Experiment with different types of foods to fathom what to serve in the other days.
Experiment with different types of foods to fathom what to serve in the other days.
  • A wide variety of foods being served will give you a greater chance that your picky child will eat his meal. The more choices the better because your kid will get to sample and taste different foods, and sooner or later he will develop fondness for certain fruits and vegetables that will indeed put you in a win-win situation.
  • Eating should be done in a fashion that it is enjoyable. No TV, PSP or any other distractions, not even his favorite toys. A comfortable and complete utensils will certainly spur a great eating habit as far as your choosy kid is concerned. Eating on other part of the home should be discouraged but not of course the dining room.

  • Let your kids enjoy different shakes. Shakes are versatile, since it is enjoying and at the same time it provides fun and pleasure to your finicky kids. Mango shake, avocado shake and even melon shake can provide an awesome experience of great eats coupled with great loaded with superb nutritional value. A fruit, milk, crushed ice and sprinkle of small amounts of honey or sugar will result to an awesome treat.
  • Great dips can be easily made using the favorite dressing of your kids and of course with some nutritious spears of vegetables like carrots and asparagus (broccoli can be a good treat too). Cheese dips can form a formidable team with various veggies so as to speak. Remember the Oreo ads about a child and his father, a truly lovely scene wherein both of them takes pleasure in dunking the delicious Oreo cookies in the glassful of milk. The advertise took advantage of the great experience a kid can have when he dunks his cookies in the milk.

Try making great tips to make foods look interesting and enjoying to eat
Try making great tips to make foods look interesting and enjoying to eat
  • Let your kid participate. Enticing your kid to get involved with decision-making (even going out in the grocery and market with your kid) in preparation of foods and actual cooking, will surely make him to eat his meal.
  • Use stealth. You can also widen your arsenal in making your child eat well with the help of camouflage. Pureed vegetables and fruits can be combined with your kid's well-liked foods while escaping his meticulous radar. Mashed bananas and potatoes well truly make a great tandem, whereas squash, carrots and green peppers can be concealed in a spaghetti sauce.
  • Fun with foods. The Japanese are good at this especially with their famous way of cooking, a testament of this is the mouthwatering "sushi", which is teeming with appeal and wide-array of exploding colors. The same thing can be dish out to the foods you will serve to your kid. Make a face out of vegetables or what is available on the table, or with different dressings make any interesting designs or objects together with your bread, hotdog and the like.


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