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What are the Qualities of a Good Coach

Updated on April 7, 2013

Coaches are indeed essential in any field of undertakings. A coach can be likened to the alpha male in a pack of wolves which spearhead the attacks on other animals and in defending territory against aggressors. A good coach can lead a team to victory instead of piling-up loses one after the other.

Here are the qualities of a good coach:

  1. A coach must possess the capabilities and necessary skills to help his team coasts to common objectives
  2. Should serve as a good model and must display positive character not only to his players but to everyone else.
  3. A coach must have ample enough knowledge of the rules and regulations of the game, so that he can able to pounce on any advantage for his team.
  4. A coach must not waver in training his players and giving important motivation and pointers to his players.
  5. Every coach must have the attributes of being open-minded and resourceful, in other words, he must know well the weakness and strengths of the team as well as using his resources with efficacy and efficiency.
  6. A coach should have charisma among the players. If you want your players to respect you, respect them also and give what is due.
  7. A coach must be adept in giving vital plays in order to instill cohesion on the part of his players. And direct his players to play their roles to the best of their abilities towards a good and strong team.
  8. A good coach is resilient and will never waver in helping his team improve all of the time.
  9. A good coach shows sportsmanship always and tactful with the words he use.
  10. A good coach is innovative and creative.

A good coach should possess other positive and desirable qualities to ensure that his team will be able to achieve its short-term or long-term goals. Although winning is important sometimes troubles will come along the way as setbacks will test the mettle of each of the members of the team. A good coach must know how to take the most out of his player and his resources, win or lose, so that the respect of players and other people will still be intact.


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