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60 Reasons Why You Should Love NBA

Updated on October 2, 2012
A collage of NBA players.
A collage of NBA players.
The different logos of NBA teams.
The different logos of NBA teams.
NBA store in New York.
NBA store in New York.
I love this game logo.
I love this game logo.

Photo Gallery

The famous NBA logo.
The famous NBA logo.
The NBA stars past and present.
The NBA stars past and present.
Lebron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers.
Lebron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers.
Jersey of his Airness Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls.
Jersey of his Airness Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls.
All-Star Host Logo
All-Star Host Logo
Miami Heat Dwayne Wade, Denver Nugget Carmelo Anthony and the heir to the throne Cleveland Cavalier Lebron James.
Miami Heat Dwayne Wade, Denver Nugget Carmelo Anthony and the heir to the throne Cleveland Cavalier Lebron James.
The elusive NBA championship trophy.
The elusive NBA championship trophy.
The Quartet of Kobe Bryant of the LA Lakers, Dwayne Wade of Miami Heat, Chris Paul Of New Orleans Hornets and Lebron James of Cleveland Cavs.
The Quartet of Kobe Bryant of the LA Lakers, Dwayne Wade of Miami Heat, Chris Paul Of New Orleans Hornets and Lebron James of Cleveland Cavs.
Play-offs. From your left is Kobe, Shaq at the middle and Garnett at your right.
Play-offs. From your left is Kobe, Shaq at the middle and Garnett at your right.
The much coveted championship trophy.
The much coveted championship trophy.

Throughout the years, NBA continues to provide the world with awesome sports spectacle.

One of the only three nations that treats basketball as a national sport and past time (the other two, the Serbia and Lithuania), the basketball-crazy Philippines was once a powerhouse in Asian basketball in the 1950’s, 1960’s and early 1970’s. Philippines had the highest placing for an Asian country in both FIBA World Championship for men (a bronze medal finish in the 1954 edition) and in Summer Olympics (fifth-place finish in the 1936). The Filipinos immense love and passion for the game is still present until now, a testament of this is the enormous love and attention Filipinos gives to the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Here are some reasons why you should love this game:

  1. NBA is truly a nonstop, action-filled game.
  2. The dunks are explosive yet creative, a showcase of might and craftmanship combined.
  3. Lay-ups are done with grace and flair.
  4. Three-pointers can instantly change momentum of the game.
  5. Nail-biting buzzer beaters will decides the outcome of the game, clutch time eh.
  6. Refs sometimes act like “Single Ladies,” they are capable of dishing out make-up calls.
  7. Where in the universe you could find constellation of brightest superstars in one league. Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Tracy McGrady, Kevin Garnett, and et al doing their part in giving us larger than life entertainment.
  8. The NBA is a mini-United Nations; players from various countries around the globe are well represented here. Turkey’s Hedo Turkuglo, France's Tony Parker, Argentina’s Manu Ginobili, Spain’s Pau Gasol, and China’s Yao Ming to name a few international players are all gathered to play here.
  9. Players wear sneakers that could make a teenager crazy nyahahaha. Poor parents they are bound to purchase the same shoes for their mind-controlled children.
  10. Trading cards of NBA stars are a good investment, e.g. Kobe Bryant common rookie card cost $5 when they we're initially released, now one will fetch as high as $60, this translates to a whopping 1,200% percent increase over the years, tough luck I have a binder full of Kobe Bryant's rookie cards and premiums and they were all washed up by a typhoon, hayz.
  11. Jerseys, shorts, and other NBA merchandise and memorabilia, are trendy and indeed cool to wear.
  12. The players are fighting tooth and nail for one single ball (the basketball), why not give each of them a ball each, hehehehe.
  13. In slam-dunk contest (in an All Star contest) features a lot of novelties, gimmicks, and even costumes.
  14. The coach gets hysterical when Refs becomes out of sync or perhaps angry with his players.
  15. Fans are unforgiving and some often look like clowns, when cheering for their favorites (team or even a player).
  16. Some players are often seen making various rituals before taking a free throw attempt, e.g. Jason Kidd making a flying kiss intended to his wife hehehe, before shooting his free throws.
  17. All Star three-point shootout is a competition for deadly snipers - sharpshooters shooting treys beyond the arc.
  18. Potential stars square off in the All-Star rookies versus Sophomores during the All-Star break.
  19. NBA brightest stars are grouped into two teams namely East and West, then they struts theire wares in the main All-Star match.
  20. Intercepting a ball just made someone accredited with a steal but doesn’t end up in jail hehehe, I hope your belongings are still intact after watching the game though.
  21. Bloopers are shown weekly, hehehe, funny moments that will surely make your day.
  22. Top ten plays are always a sight to behold, Kobe Bryant slicing his way to nail an acrobatic shot or a thunderous dunk, Lebron James escaping tough defenders en route to a masterful lay up or an electrifying dunk.
  23. Teamwork is well-coordinated, a testament that “No Man is an Island.” Creative blind pass and as fast a bullet ally-oops always deserve nice replays.
  24. Splendid plays spontaneously surfaces, crisp pick and roll, triangle offense and other offensive strategies will surely merit the resourceful open man a well deserved points off the basket.
  25. Sights and sounds are endless. Mascots doing their comical ways of generously entertaining the audience with funny antics as well as their patented aerial dunks and stunts.
  26. Halftime shows are indeed relaxing and entertaining.
  27. Players will readily sign autographs to the delight of avid fans.
  28. Playoffs action is intense as emotions and tempers of the players and coaches are flying all over the place.
  29. NBA championship game is indeed a treat and will go down as part of the History.
  30. Your favorite team making it in the playoffs will indeed make you happy.
  31. Your favorite team winning the much coveted championship crown, will indeed uplift your spirits for a long time.
  32. Your favorite player clinching awards of reaching a milestone makes your very happy as well as if you were the one that was given the elusive recognition hehehe.
  33. Every time your favorite team win in playoffs excitement will surely run through your veins otherwise keep an eye on your blood pressure because its like eating the bullet when your pick loses hehehe.
  34. The extra-curricular activities of favorite players are big deals, paparazzi are all over the place.
  35. Trading of players will bolster or weaken a team basketball roster.
  36. Players doing weird things will surely be caught by the sharp eyes of the cameramen.
  37. If your favorite team became the champion you can tease your friends with their losing team, careful though when doing this you might figure out in a fist fight LOL.
  38. You can learn spectacular moves by mere watching ad observing some players in action.
  39. Like everybody else, NBA players are not perfect they are prone to make turnovers and errors as well.
  40. You could see ball-blocked in mid air.
  41. Giants patrol the center, hehehe, hmmm how about the trolls, hehehe Mugsy Bogues and Spudd Webb are long gone hehehe.
  42. Rebounds can be hauled down with sheer might and strength.
  43. Coaches outcoach each other.
  44. Picks will make a player immobile.
  45. Some players loves to travel especially those error-prone.
  46. A team can initiate a rally hehehehe when trailing.
  47. NBA games are shown live.
  48. A defensive player can be as tough as a nail.
  49. A superstar literally glitters with jewelries.
  50. Fashionable clothesline worn by the players look really great and trendy.
  51. You could see how your favorite player rips through tough defender(s) for a mesmerizing dunk or an acrobatic lay up.
  52. Players can graduate (foul out) one game at a time.
  53. Players can be actors as well, hehehehe, when there is an offensive foul.
  54. Home and away games gives audience opportunity to see their favorite players.
  55. Rafters are filled with jerseys of legendary players.
  56. Records are broken, most points, assists, rebounds, blocks, etc.
  57. Rookies are given chance to shine. Great rookies that amazed NBA fans were Shaquille 'Neal, Dwight Howard, Grant Hill, Amare Stoudemire and more.
  58. Legendary player’s exploits are recalled and given due recognition.
  59. Great players are enshrined to the Naismith's Hall of Fame, recent additions were Michael Jordan considered to be the best ever basketball player of all time and assist and steal all time leader John Stockton of the Utah Jazz.
  60. Monickers like Bulls (Chicago), Celtics (Boston), Magic (Orlando), etc. gives fans some identity and something to get associated with.

My sixth hub in the HubChallenge...


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    • m920621m profile image


      7 years ago from UK

      Yes, that's what makes NBA so great. It's entertaining. The tension, clutch moments, "nba cares" campaign, etc. those really make games and NBA as a league very interesting and fun. But besides that, the quality of basketball is outstanding. That's why I like it.

      And you're right on the nail about Lithuania. We really do treat it as a national sport ;)

    • GeneralHowitzer profile imageAUTHOR

      Gener Geminiano 

      9 years ago from Land of Salt, Philippines

      Thanks a lot kent for the visit...

    • KentJacob profile image


      10 years ago

      Add this one, General: it's where amazing happens...

    • GeneralHowitzer profile imageAUTHOR

      Gener Geminiano 

      10 years ago from Land of Salt, Philippines

      Yeah same with me, I still the Chicago Bulls VS Utah Jazz era, I'm a big fan of the Jazz but still I have great respect for Jordan and his Bulls, the classic games of the NBA is still nice to reminisce... thanks for the time and commenting...

    • Mike Lickteig profile image

      Mike Lickteig 

      10 years ago from Lawrence KS USA

      I love the NBA also, although perhaps not as much as when I was younger. I wish there was a time machine that could send teams back and forth to play across generations. I would love to see San Antonio with David Robinson and Tim Duncan in the 90's go back in time and play Houston when they fielded a young Ralph Sampson and Hakeem Olajuwon in the starting lineup. Or, perhaps see Wilt Chamberlain and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar play each other if they were the same age. Oh, well, I will settle for watching Bryant, James, Wade, and the rest. With free agency looming for so many, it should be an interesting year.

    • GeneralHowitzer profile imageAUTHOR

      Gener Geminiano 

      10 years ago from Land of Salt, Philippines

      @facebookchat --- hehehe thanks for dropping by and for commenting.

      @drew breezy --- hehehe I love Magic too, my nephew is rooting for Dwight Howard...

      Thanks to the two of you...

    • Drew Breezzy profile image

      Drew Breezzy 

      10 years ago from somewhere in my mind

      Sorry no love for NBA since Jordan retired. But Go Magic!

    • facebookchat profile image


      10 years ago from Shanghai, China

      You had me at #2! Great list!

    • GeneralHowitzer profile imageAUTHOR

      Gener Geminiano 

      10 years ago from Land of Salt, Philippines

      @Lady_E --- yeah that will be nice hehehe, hmmm UK is s football crazy country thanks for dropping by.

      @emievil Nyahahaha, hehehe I guess I'm fond of exaggerating, hmm being sports writer made me exaggerate. Your pet dog is indeed cute hehehe...

    • emievil profile image


      10 years ago from Philippines

      GH I'm not exactly a "die-hard fan", I mean I won't kill for them =). But that's my favorite team all right. =)

    • Lady_E profile image


      10 years ago from London, UK

      This sounds like real fun. I wish Basketball was Huge in the UK. We're really missing out. :(

    • GeneralHowitzer profile imageAUTHOR

      Gener Geminiano 

      10 years ago from Land of Salt, Philippines

      @emievil hehehe, I'm not addicted but then I was nyahahaha... Thanks for commenting... Hmmm you're a die hard Ginebra fan eh...

      @IslandVoice--- yeah it is and basketaball clicks here in the Philippines.. Good thing the're in basketball thanks for finding time to drop by...

    • IslandVoice profile image

      Sylvia Van Velzer 

      10 years ago from Hawaii

      Basketball is an exciting game and very big in the Philippines. My 4 brothers were into it and played it a lot when they were younger.

    • emievil profile image


      10 years ago from Philippines

      LOL. 60 reasons!!!!! You're an NBA addict (and so are lots of Filipinos). I don't watch it that much but I used to watch PBA a lot (Ginebra forever!). Now I don't get to watch both at all =(.

    • GeneralHowitzer profile imageAUTHOR

      Gener Geminiano 

      10 years ago from Land of Salt, Philippines

      Thanks Philipo for dropping by...

    • Philipo profile image


      10 years ago from Nigeria

      Glad to note that you love NBA, though I am not a lover of bastketball. Thanks for sharing.


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