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When will the NFL team New England Patriots appear in a Super Bowl again?

Updated on September 21, 2013

I think the New England Patriots are capable of appearing in the Super Bowl again in the near future. They obviously have the ownership, front office executives, coaching staff, and players to do so. As for their divisional rivals, what those teams (Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, and the New York Jets) have done recently? Winning the ultimate game is another matter. Perhaps the chances of the Patriots winning another Super Bowl would greatly increase if they face another teams beside the New York Giants.

In regards to their lost in Super Bowl XLVI (46), the Patriots dropped some passes in the game even though they have a talented group of wide receivers and tight ends to catch the ball. Even Gisele Bundchen noticed that and demonstrated her distaste for the failures loudly when there were other people close to her. Okay, enough of the celebrity gossip. Isn’t it eerie that the Patriots released wide receiver Tiquan Underwood, in my opinion, just for the game? On the night before the game, it was announced they cut him. Then the team signed him only two days later. Maybe or maybe not he could’ve made an impact on the outcome of it. I think Bill Belichick did it just as a motivating ploy to get his players perform at a high level for the last game of the season. If I am correct, then I want to disclose that I feel that is a terrible way of doing it. Nevertheless, so many NFL coaches need to have different attitude than I have if they want to be extremely successful in postseason games.

Robert Kraft is Ingenious

Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, helped get the 2011 NFL season started by finally agreeing to a collective bargaining agreement. Actually, he helped save football. I found that out after a quick research. Apparently that’s what Jeff Saturday said about the Patriots’ owner. The fact that Robert helped save a sport makes him more of a person to revere. Moreover, Robert even opened up himself in front of reporters when he had to share both his thoughts about his late wife, Myra, and his vulnerability in a deep moment.

Even though I’ve never met nor seen Robert Kraft up close, I would like share some kind words. I’ve only seen Robert on TV, most of the time in a luxury in an NFL stadium cheering for his team with other Patriots fans. He seems like a kind of a person who isn’t arrogant about neither being the owner of the Patriots nor saving the team from being a perpetual losing team.

The New England Patriots’ current stadium, which was finished in 2002, was privately-financed. In other words, Robert Kraft was not interested in saving millions of dollars and fiercely tried to get other individuals’ (local residents) money to help develop a place where his team can thrive in. He has the knowledge and skills to make millions of dollars each year for the rest of his life while there are bountiful of people attempting to survive each day. He really did paid for all of the construction costs to build Gillette Stadium. The naming rights for it will end after the 2031 season according to an extension the Patriots and Proctor & Gamble, which bought Gillette, signed in 2010.

Patriots Place

Robert Kraft and the New England Patriots decided in early 2006 to develop a lively and engaging place to attract people spend time eating and shopping near Gillette Stadium called Patriots Place. The first phase of the project opened in late 2007.

Patriots’ 2013 Draft Picks


Tom Brady will have some new wide receivers to throw passes to. They are: Danny Amendola, Josh Boyce, Aaron Dobson, Lavalle Hawkins, Michael Jenkins and Donald Jones.

As for the running backs, Leon Washington and LeGarrette Blount are now added to the mix. They still have Stevan Ridley and Shane Vereen.

The tight end position is facing extensive uncertainly with Rob Gronkowski recuperating after having disk surgery on June 18, 2013. The recovery time is about twelve weeks. Aaron Hernandez is no longer with the Patriots.

We shall see if Tim Tebow will be on the team’s roster when Week 1 comes along.


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