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When will the NFL team Dallas Cowboys appear in a Super Bowl again?

Updated on September 13, 2013

The Dallas Cowboys, just like many other NFL teams do, have a chance to win playoff games and finally reach the Super Bowl again. I don’t feel the need to share my thoughts about the players and the coaching staff because the general manager and the owner of the team decision making far outweighs the influence of the performances of the ones playing and studying playbooks for hours and hours. Jerry Jones wants to make a great impact on the franchise that he bought for only $140 million on February 25, 1989. I just found out he’s also the president of the Cowboys.. He wants everyone to acknowledge that his football intelligence should be highly-rated. He has demonstrated in many different ways that he wants his ego to get a boost when his football-related decisions create impressive impact. I would feel the same way if I was an owner. I also don’t see him stepping down or retiring as the GM anytime soon.

Dominating the NFL during the early 1990s

The Cowboys won a Super Bowl 4 years after Jerry Jones bought the team. They have won a total of three Super Bowls since the transaction. The last time Dallas beat an AFC team for the Lombardi Trophy was on January 28, 1996 (winning it 3 times in 4 years). They defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers by a score of 27 - 17. That is also the last time they appeared in a Super Bowl.

Jerry's World aka AT&T Stadium

Another grand accomplishment achieved by Jerry was building a new stadium and naming it after his team. Cowboys Stadium opened in May 27, 2009. Two years later on February 6, 2011, it hosted Super Bowl XLV. The Super Bowl Committee for Dallas stated that it should gain a $7.15 million surplus from hosting the big game. Meanwhile, they will place $2 million of it aside to try to bring another SB to Dallas. [2] Yet, there are accusations of fraud over the seating arrangements for SB 45.

There's even a poem about Super Bowl XLV.

In July 2013, Cowboys Stadium was renamed AT&T as the phone company was involving in a naming rights deal.

Jerry Jones' Family

Obviously, Jerry’s family would inherit the team and the stadium. He has a wife named Gene. The names of his three children are Stephen, Charlotte, and Jerry, Jr, and all of them work for the team. If Jerry were to avoid having his children work for him, I would be optimistic that the Cowboys will be one of the better teams to reach the Super Bowl. Until then Cowboys fans, enjoy watching your team.


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