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Betty Page Tattoos

Updated on June 27, 2014

Betty Page by Betty Page

Betty Page Pin-up Queen

Betty Page was an extraordinary icon in her day, and her beauty and playful, but controversial and seductive dances and behavior guaranteed that she would remain a fixture long after she had gone.

Of course the Betty Page movie helped bring her back into the public eye and introduce her to a new generation, which in turn brought out a lot of demand for Betty Page tattoos, which are plentiful,; and just as racy and naughty as she was in many cases.

No one would have a tattoo of Betty Page inked on them which had her in a nice dress or something like that, as it would defeat the purpose, and I guarantee you when looking around for her tattoos that none like that existed.

While Betty stretched the limits of her day, there were still some invisible boundaries she didn't cross, although those inking her on their bodies liked to take her to the limit, and reveal all of her seductive side in a variety of ways.

Much of this came about from her horrid abuse as a child and young woman from a number of different sources, so her seemingly girl-next-door look while being in bondage photos and positions was a way she dealt with and responded to her abuse.

Evidently she was able to come to some peace with it, and amazingly later in life became a Christian missionary, although it was a struggle because of the stigma of her divorces, and she also worked for some time with the Billy Graham organization, after many broken marriages and difficult circumstances.

Even with some of these changes, Page had deep psychological problems probably relating to abuse, and was institutionalized after attacks on her landlords, which one book about her documents.

Anyway, here are the tattoos people like to remember Betty Page with, and even though some are related to bondage, it was a very real part of the photo sessions Page participated in, although it's doubtful she was actually involved in what people today consider more hard core practices.

Famous Betty Page Pose

The first Betty Page tattoo below is one of the more famous poses she was known for, although usually her hands were in a little bit different position. That's understandable because of the tattoo placement.

Betty Page Tattoo in red devil's costume

While this tattoo of Betty Page dressed in a red devil's costume doesn't have a strong resemblance, it does capture the essence of how she portrayed herself, so isn't bad in that sense.

Tattoo Photo of Betty Page in devil costume

Betty Page Swimsuit Tattoo

The Betty Page tattoo below I think really misses her, and while shows her posing in a swimsuit, doesn't capture what she looks like and who she was, and also was very rare to see her in something like this, if at all.

As far as the tattoo design, this one would have been harder to make than first meets the eye, and in that sense is a good job,  just not a great one in revealing who Page was.

Swimsuit Tattoo Photo of Betty Page

Great Betty Page Tattoo

This is a really good Betty Page tattoo, as it not only looks like her, but is what you would expect to see at the time she was doing all her modeling or posing. It was done very well by the tattoo artist as well.

Too bad the light shined on her face like it did, as it hides how realistic it is of her, but you can still see the good likeness.

Realistic Tattoo Photo of Betty Page

Betty Page Red Bikini Tattoo

I find this tattoo unique and different, and like the contrast of red and black that gives it an interesting look.

The touch of red lipstick also gives a subtleness to it that is very nice to me.

I'm not sure what that skull being held behind her back is all about, but maybe it represents a real photo she took at one time. I don't know.

Tattoo Photo of Betty Page in Red Bikini

One of Best Betty Page Tattoos

The below tattoo is about as good as it gets in actual resemblance to Betty Page, and in getting that look she always had in her poses.

Capturing her famous smile is also done close to perfection here, and again, too bad the light was so strongly on her face, as it interferes slightly with being able to see her clearly. But you can tell even with that how good this one was done.

Real good Betty Page Tattoo

Betty Page and Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

These two tattoos of Betty Page and Marilyn Monroe are really good, and the one of Marilyn is among the best I've seen, as you can see from this Marilyn Monroe tattoo gallery.

Betty looks great in the red fishnets and of course the green of Marilyn Monroe's outfit gives a festive look.

Great Tattoo Photo of Betty Page and Marilyn Monroe

The Notorious Betty Page

Betty Page was a tortured soul, who even when working on changing her life was victimized from abuse from the past.

While she was much more than the tattoo photos here, most people remember her in the ways she's depicted, and long after she's gone that persona continues to be part of pop culture for better or worse.


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