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Chinchilla Fur Coat and Jackets

Updated on January 16, 2015

Chinchilla Fur Coats

Chinchilla fur coats first became a symbol of fashion since the 17th century, where due do its rarity and luxurious soft touch, often fetches a very high price and is a symbol of wealth and fashion for the elite. There are many controversies surrounding the use of animal fur for clothing such as chinchilla fur, which is why there has been an introduction of faux chinchilla fur to satisfy our demand for chinchilla fur coats without needing to harm animals, but most of all at a fraction of the price of a normal chinchilla fur coat. To illustrate this example, imagine sheep as an endangered animal and retailers poaching sheep for their luxurious wool just to make these quality coats and jackets.

Chinchilla fur is very sought after because it is very soft and puffy to the touch and therefore very warm as well. This is because of its dense hair follicles. Faux chinchilla fur attempts to replica this to ensure the highest quality product. This imitation chinchilla fur is made for shoppers keen to purchase a chinchilla fur coat who are fashion smart and environmentally friendly.

Chinchilla Fur Coat

Making your Chinchilla fur coat last longer

To ensure you make your precious chinchilla fur coat lasts as long as you expect it to, here are 2 very simple steps you can take. 

1) Never leave your chinchilla fur coats out in the open where the elements can reach it. This can be anything from the wind to the sun or even the humidity in the air. 

2) Now that you protect it from the basic elements, always remember to cover it even if you keep it in the closet to protect it from possible insects that can eat or spoil your chinchilla fur coat. 


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