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Men' s and Women's Suede Shearling Coat Jacket

Updated on January 16, 2015

Suede shearling coats and suede shearling jackets are made from the underside skin from shearling pelts. Suede is not as hard wearing as normal leather because they lack the tough outer layer of the skin. However, this can be countered with faux suede shearling jackets.

Suede shearling coats are not made to withstand the tougher climates such as frost, harsh winds or rain; but because the suede is very soft and thin, it is a desirable material to work with for delicate and fashionable coat jackets; often as desirable as the latest fashion styles. The benefit of these suede shearlings is that these are timeless and will fare well no matter what fashion season it is.

Faux suede shearling jacket can be an alternative option for a lot of people as it is relatively cheaper and requires less attention to care for it. They are more withstanding of extreme weathers and harsher wear and tear.

Cleaning your suede shearling coat can be a hassle if you do not wish to fork out a fortune every time you take it to the dry cleaners. However, always remember to use cold water and air dry it and never sun dry or use the drying machine on it or else it might ruin both an authentic suede shearling coat and a faux suede shearling jacket.


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