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Mens and Womens Hooded Faux Fur Coats and Jackets

Updated on January 16, 2015

A hooded faux fur jacket or hooded faux fur coat is one of the most practical and versatile pieces of clothing mainly due to its extra added hood that can come in very handy in unexpected situations such as a sudden gust of wind or non- forecasted rain.

There are many reasons why you should choose faux fur coats and faux fur jackets over real fur. One of the reasons include trying to save animals and faux fur is obviously the more environmentally friendly option.

There are countless animals hunted solely for their pelts and this number will fall dramatically if more and more people opt for faux fur coats. A hooded faux fur coat provides extreme warmth for the wearer similar to that of any other wool cashmere coats, therefore not only helps the environment and animals, but also with the style and versatility of the hood.

This is the perfect winter coat for not only the fashionable but also the environmentally conscious simply because it looks great, and is also able to save thousands of animals every single year.


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