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Ladies Tweed Jackets and Coats

Updated on January 16, 2015

Ladies’ tweed jackets are generally made with the sophisticated and yet fashion conscious shopper in mind. As a result, the average ladies’ tweed jacket you will see are ones that are short around the waist to give the illusion of elegant long legs and a slimming core body structure.

A womens tweed jacket is perfect in the sense that it fuses the latest fashion trend with a touch of vintage. This can be personalized by your favourite color and style such as a brown tweed jacket or even a pink tweed jacket.Tweed jacket ladies are made to suit almost any body shape and age and is therefore a great addition to your closet.

In addition to personalizing womens tweed jackets, it is not uncommon for shoppers to choose a specific brand such as Donegal or Harris tweed jackets. If they have had a good experience in the past and is content with the product that are derived from these trusted brands, it is often the case they will prefer to choose a certain brand again


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