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Shaun White Snowboarding Gloves for Sale

Updated on September 2, 2010

Shaun White Snowboarding

Any famous celebrity deserves their own line of clothing and apparel, right? Well, not really, but Shaun White has been working with Burton for a few years now, and has designed a great line of snowboarding clothes and gear to include pants, jackets, boots, gloves, and other accessories.

His products have been loved by amateur and beginner snowboarders for some time now, as they actually keep you dry and warm while your on the slopes.

I've heard several people comment on how after trying some of the Shaun White Burton snowboarding apparel, they wouldn't ever go to anything else again.

Below, you'll find options of the Shaun White gloves and mittens that are available, as well as tips on choosing a good pair of snowboarding gloves.

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Choosing Snowboard Gloves

You don't want to lose your fingers from frostbite, do you? As the best precaution, you want to have a good pair of snowboarding gloves when you're out in the snow.

When choosing your snowboard gloves or mittens, you want to consider the following tips and advice.

Just keep in mind that a glove or a mitten will serve your purpose just fine; whether you buy a glove or mitt is all on preference. Gloves are the standard, as they offer more mobility and use of your fingers and because each finger is protected individually. Mittens, on the other hand, provide more heat for your hand.

  • Consider the type of glove, as there are pipe and spring gloves that are ideal for snowboarding when you're not in really cold weather or deep snow, whereas there are other options for older weather under 40F and deep snow.
  • You want the gloves to fit snugly and comfortably with your finger tips toward the end of the glove. If there's too much extra room, you may have trouble grabbing things, and your hands will get colder faster.
  • Consider whether the gloves are intended to go under or over your jacket sleeve. This may be a preference option that you just have to decide which you would prefer, but if you choose one type over the other, you want to make sure that the gloves will fit properly and securely over or under your jacket sleeve for best protection against moisture and wind.
  • Consider the material of the glove, as you want to make sure that the gloves will be durable and sturdy to hold up to the wear and tear they will receive. Also consider whether or not the palms have a durable grip surface for you to grab things easier.
  • Consider the liner an internal insulation of the glove. Different gloves have different liners to keep your hands warm. Consider outlast, thermo, and fleece (listed best to mediocre).
  • Consider whether or not the liner is removable. If the liner can be removed, you can keep your gloves the cleanest and freshest, as you can take out the liner to wash them. You'll find that most mid to high-end snowboarding gloves will have this option.
  • Check to make sure that the gloves have adjustable cuffs so that you can make sure that the gloves fit your hands perfectly.
  • Make sure that the gloves are waterproof. You want your hands to stay as dry as possible and because your hands will have a lot of contact with the ground, it's important that you check out the outer material. GORE-TEX shells are ideal for the best waterproofing.
  • A wrist guard is a good option to have so that you can avoid possible injuries to your wrists while snowboarding.

You also want to consider the price of the snowboarding gloves and any other features that you may be looking for. Also, consider that some gloves may even come with small accessories that you may be interested in.


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