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Black Stockings

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    HubPagesposted 8 years ago

    Black Stockings

  2. Choke Frantic profile image81
    Choke Franticposted 8 years ago

    Girl in black fishnets.  Stockings and tights are amazing fashion accessories. They are extremely versatile and can be worn to compliment innumerable outfits. The best colour for stockings is black - its a universal colour and will match the... read more

  3. Kathryn Vercillo profile image88
    Kathryn Vercilloposted 8 years ago

    Black stockings are a really versatile clothing item that every woman’s closet can benefit from. These stockings come in many different materials and styles. They can be functional in keeping out the cold or designed to add sexy style to an... read more

  4. RedElf profile image87
    RedElfposted 8 years ago

    seductive; sexy stockings; dance costumes; sexy dance wear; silk stockings; Sometime in the early sixties - the nineteen sixties, that is - some style pundit rediscovered fishnet stockings...and we fell in love with them all over again.  They just seemed to go so well with go-go boots and... read more

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    Hope Alexanderposted 8 years ago

    A few weeks ago, Hub Pages, yes the Hub Pages asked this question ' Black Stockings'. Due to the fact that it was not originally phrased in traditional question format, I have re-interpreted it for the benefit of my dear readers.   Therefore, the... read more

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    DellaGposted 8 years ago

    No RED stockings this time of year santa only uses RED stockings Doh !