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What is it with so many otherwise sane people marking up their bodies with tatto

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    Sassygalsposted 8 years ago

    What is it with so many otherwise sane people marking up their bodies with tattoos?  I don't get it.

    Tattoos are permanent.  Years from now you may not want what you want now.  What's the deal with that?

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    treading concreteposted 8 years ago

    Tattoo’s are permanent.  Why is it so hard to explain to non-tattooed people that this is a huge part of the appeal?  I would never spend the time to plan out my art, the placement on my body, the meaning, or the money if it just went away in a week. 
    I can only speak for me.  All of my tattoos have a deep meaning to me.  I’m just not the ‘rose on the ankle’ or Tweety bird type.  My ink has significance to my life.  Yes, my life has taken different directions. But these are reminders of where I was, what my journey has been.  They are like souvenirs of my life.  I do not regret a single one.  For the last fourteen years, I have carried ink under my skin, and I love it. 
    Every tattoo on me was thought out slowly.  I drew, and redrew till it was perfect.  The color is significant.  Even the placement on my body is significant. 
    My tattoos are so personal to me.  I have stock answers to ‘why’ for all of them.  Not everyone out there deserves to understand my thoughts.  Some are for me only.  I have one tattoo that only four people have seen. 
    I can honestly say I do not care what other people think about them.  See, they are on me.  They are a part of me. They are mine and mine alone.  I love them.  I love planning them.  I absolutely LOVE the process of actually getting one.  I love carrying around a little piece of art on me.  A physical representation of what is in my heart, soul, mind.  The body is a temple, and some of us choose to decorate. 
    I saw a great bumper sticker on a car, and it sums up exactly how so many of us with ink feel:
    The only difference between tattooed people and non-tattooed people is that tattooed people don't give a s*** that you don't have tattoos

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    tinkerbell09posted 8 years ago

    Well, there's several reasons people get tattoos:

    1)  To cover up ugly scars
    2)  Tell a story of their life
    3)  Ancient tribes use them to identify with their ancestry and let others know in their tribe what kind of person they follow behind
    4)  Gang affilliates
    5)  Seems silly, but the pleasure of the pain and the beauty of having a piece of artwork for most people to admire (sometimes beauty is pain)
    6)  Because they're bored and want something to waste their money on (I know, that's silly too)
    7)  In remembrance of someone they lost and loved dearly

    Just to name a few reasons.  I know I got my tattoo to represent my family, myself, and my kids.  Me and my husband are facinated with dragons, he has a dragon on his shoulder, our kids' names are down the back of his arms.  The dragon is also a reminder that he is a kick boxer, the dragon is holding a ball with the Asian symbol for soldier ( he was in the army) and the dragon is in water, representing a tidalwave or tsunami, water is a powerful force of nature, like he is.  He's also got a praying mantis on his chest, again for martial arts.  As for myself, I have a dragon in the center of my back holding 2 roses.  The dragon represents our family animal.  The dragon represents me, a mythical creature, gentle but powerful, the protector of the roses, which represent my 2 kids.

    I know that's a lot, and it still probably doesn't make sense to you, but from personal experience, that is why I got one.  Plus, what most people will tell you, is that they just think tattoos are cool, some just get one to say they have one.  Most of the time they don't have a story behind them, sometimes they do.  The one thing I disagree with, is getting a girl/boyfriend's or spouse's name put on the body.  Not a good idea.  I love my husband, but I will never get his name put on my body, he said the same about me.  Since they are permanent, choosing one that is meaningful to the person makes sense.

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    kmackey32posted 8 years ago

    People shouldn't care about art on someone else. It's there choice and there body. I love my tattoos and even allowed my 15 year old daughter to get one. I have wrote a hub about it but havnt had time to upload a picture of my daughters but I will later today. I don't understand why some people are so negative and judge others  when it comes to having a tattoo, seriously who are they hurting!

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    Jewels2940posted 8 years ago

    I think tattoos are definitely a self-expression tactic. I love tattoos. I have 3 of them myself. Those who do like to get tattooed, usually become addicted to the tattooing process itself. It is a little bit of pain for a beautiful work of art, a self-identifier. The pain becomes some-what euphoric. Those who feel like they would ever regret getting one, I wouldn't recommend you go through the process, because as mentioned in the question, they are permanent! Happy Body Coloring yikes)

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    BlazeTheVampireposted 8 years ago

    I also have a dragon, between my shoulder blades, based on a pendant I've had for years that has been through a lot with me. It's a rather long story, but suffice it to say that I identify with the dragon in many ways.

    At any rate, its placement was important simply for the sake of "sanity." I can show it off when I want (my lovers seem to adore this) and I can hide it when I so choose. Most of my bosses and coworkers don't even know that I have a tattoo.

    There is, also, a laser treatment available to remove tattoos should the time come when I'm older that I may not want it anymore (which I highly doubt).

    I fully understand why you don't like the idea, but then what are ways that you show respect for things that have meaning in your life? This is how I chose to show mine-- carrying it with me always.

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    henrydixonposted 4 years ago

    That is their choice we can not do it...
    You have to remove your tattoo by the laser technology..

    Now it is in the  demand to remove the permanent tattoos from your body...
    the needham-laser is the best for this..