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Does a black woman with natural hair make you uncomfortable?

  1. findawayormakeone profile image72
    findawayormakeoneposted 6 years ago

    Does a black woman with natural hair make you uncomfortable?

    I've always been told that wearing my hair in it's very natural state at work is unprofessional. But I don't really care--this is what God gave me and I adore it, plus I am very good at what I do. However, I feel like it's still make some people uncomfortable when I come to work with my medium sized 'fro. What are your thoughts?

  2. Rai 18 profile image61
    Rai 18posted 6 years ago

    No, it doesn't make me nervous.  It is your choice to wear your hair natural just as someone can choose to straighten their hair.

  3. vintageglamour profile image60
    vintageglamourposted 6 years ago

    i adore it

    mine can look like a hot mess at times. it's 2011 there's really no excuse for it.

  4. MoreWithHoney profile image54
    MoreWithHoneyposted 6 years ago

    Its not that its your 'fro that makes anyone uncomfortable by any means. But even for me, as a white female, if i dont mange my hair at all or fix it up before i come to work, it is still considered unproffessional. I wish everyone could go to work with no make up just out of the shower and have no problems but unfortunately this is unacceptable to society.

    1. IamAnnaK profile image58
      IamAnnaKposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Are you implying that a 'fro is not managed or unfixed?

  5. Sharicey profile image60
    Shariceyposted 6 years ago

    I think the root of the question is, is natural hair professional. No one is going to admit or say that it makes them uncomfortable and I don't think it makes any one uncomfortable. I think its a question of does it look professional. I think by the comment made by More With Honey its clear that it falls in the category of not looking "fixed" or done or unmanaged. Now I don't think thats exactly what More With Honey intended on saying nor do I think thats what she thinks. I think her point was that some people view a 'fro as being unmanaged, unfixed hair.

    Do you feel that your co-workers are uncomfortable or do you feel that your co-workers are judging you? From my point of view or my experience its that people look at your hair and make a judgement about you. That judgement might be whats making them uncomfortable. I hate that feeling but I have been fortunate to not have to encounter that often.

    Its a shame that a 'fro can't just be a hairstyle. I wear my TWA to work proudly and I don't think it makes anyone uncomfortable. I have gotten lots of compliments on it. I think it depends on where you work and who you work with.  I strongly believe that corporate American culture is changing and its going to embrace natural hair. Don't stop wearing your 'fro.

  6. Chauntae profile image60
    Chauntaeposted 5 years ago

    Being natural, no it does not and never will I allow it to make me uncomfortable. It's unfortunate though, the ills that African our American ancestors endured in slavery, which didn't allow them to care properly for their hair; constant exposure to the sun and no proper nutrition. That said, with the majority of prejudiced minds looking down on them, everything about them was frowned upon and ridiculed. Our hair was never and will never be considered acceptable by society in general because of the mentality handed down to the slaveholders children and they're children and the shame that slaves incorporated from hearing the constant ridicule. Nonetheless, we all can put aside what is ignorant by encouraging a more open and honest mindset: learning about each other and fully accepting our differences. It's amazing how other nationalities and often blacks, look at my hair as if it is the most ridiculous and shocking thing they've ever seen! Why? Because we've been taught and conditioned to not like ourselves and to take on the appearances of what the slaveholders deemed appropriate. It truly runs that deep. Change only comes when you are tired of something and aren't willing to allow anything or anyone to interfere with your efforts and goals to have something more. Still and yet, accepting who you are, beautiful, bold, and courageous, is a must! I'm simply tired of over-processed, fried, unhealthy hair. I'm tired of conforming to a society that doesn't pay for my haircare, hair products, let alone, telling me that I'm beautiful just because I have a fresh perm and hair style and I look like "them". That's whack. If I want to wear my Afro, I will. If I want to wear twists, french braids, big scarves and wild and crazy sexy bows, I will without hesitation because there is nothing more beautiful than being comfortable with YOU. No more bowing down to what is acceptable to a world that enslaved my ancestors and dictated to them what they had permission to do. Today is a new day, hundreds of years later, and it's a matter of being free mentally, to do and be whatever makes you happy. Life is soooo short! Do you, love on your sisters and brothers, and be happy with your beautiful, sexy, nappy hair.

    1. findawayormakeone profile image72
      findawayormakeoneposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Well said!

  7. cuttierish profile image80
    cuttierishposted 5 years ago

    it doesn't bother me. it's part of who you are, and some people just need to accept it .you have your own style, and it's part of being unique..

  8. profile image0
    sunflowernbklynposted 5 years ago

    It's absurd that someone would tell you that wearing your hair natural to work is unprofessional. Someone mentioned showing up with unkempt hair and clothing is unprofessional having natural hair is not. This is a common misconception natural does not mean unkempt. Wear your fro proudly as you would with any other style of your choice. It's silly to think someone would be uncomfortable because of how you wear your hair. It sounds as if they have their own issues to sort through that have nothing to do with you and your hair. People will always fear what they do not understand.

  9. Roszy Peterz profile image60
    Roszy Peterzposted 13 months ago

    It is not a bad thing
    If the whites can go out with their natural hair,why can't we?
    Infact, I am on a low cut and I feel amazing!

  10. Jennifer Mugrage profile image92
    Jennifer Mugrageposted 12 months ago

    Not at all. 

    I am a white woman with naturally curly hair.  For much of my life I did not realize it was naturally curly, hence did not know how to care for it, resulting in frizz, flyaways, pouf, etc.  I've noticed that for some reason, curly hair is taken to be less professional or "serious" than straight hair.  Even if you look at white characters on TV shows, the curly haired ones tend to have the "crazy" personalities.  The received "smart girl" look, for some reason, involves dark, straight hair. 

    I agree that it's not fair.  I guess if the "it's unprofessional" comments are coming from your boss or HR, you are in a stinky company.   But as far as whether your coworkers or customers are secretly made uncomfortable by a 'fro, speaking for myself ... I wouldn't be.

  11. Tees Thoughts profile image87
    Tees Thoughtsposted 7 months ago

    I think it's all in the perception. An afro can look very nice and neat depending on how it's styled. As another person commented, we are so conditioned to thinking that straight hair and hair weaves are more beautiful and acceptable. I think that what makes the world beautiful are the differences between us all, hair styles and textures included. I'm answering this question five years later, in 2017. So hopefully you're not still having this issue smile

  12. Lindsay Bean profile image86
    Lindsay Beanposted 6 months ago

    I wouldn't be uncomfortable and I don't see why it would make anyone else uncomfortable. It's just hair. I personally like the look on women of color.

  13. Deborah Minter profile image92
    Deborah Minterposted 6 months ago

    I never noticed any discomfort. Everyone has different color hair, I don't see why anyone would have a problem with it.