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I need ideas for a tattoo?

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    nayleahposted 6 years ago

    I need ideas for a tattoo?

    im getting it on he back of my neck and I need to keep it short and I perfer to have it in frensh or portuguese . im thinking of getting some sort of quote that will represent the bad a good times ive been threw an how I maneged to stay posetive and to never give up? any quote ideas?smile

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    thelyricwriterposted 6 years ago

    Nayleah, there are thousands of different tattoo symbols, styles, meanings, ect. I have written many articles about tattoo symbols and meanings.

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    okaygraceposted 6 years ago

    Why would you get a tattoo of something that you can't even think of on your own?

    Personally I have and never will get a tattoo, but I can understand people that get them when it is something that really matters to the person.

    You should wait until you have something important that you think of on your own in your mind before getting a tattoo. The neck is an extremely visible spot so you are going to be showing it off the rest of your life so it should mean something to you, right?

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    lburmasterposted 5 years ago

    Oh a quote, huh? Well, who do you respect? Past presidents, inventors, scientists, famous psychologists, etc. Some of my favorites are Da Vinci, Sam Gosling, Roosevelt, Queen Elizabeth, etc. Do you like symbols? What is important to you?

  5. mistyhorizon2003 profile image96
    mistyhorizon2003posted 5 years ago

    Deciding to have a tattoo is a huge decision in itself, not only expensive to have done, but more expensive to remove if you change your mind, so if you feel certain that you do want one, just how do you choose a tattoo? read more

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    xlornaposted 5 years ago

    I have a couple simple rules I use before getting a tattoo - I have two, and I love both of them. Never regretted them once.
    1) It needs to be meaningful - The quote is a great idea if its personal to you. From a favorite novel/movie/etc. But it's something that you have to find. Don't search the internet for something, that will make it impersonal. Reread a favorite book and think about what resonates meaning in your life.
    2) Once you decided on a tattoo, plan it out for at least one year. If at the end of that year you still want it, go to step 3.
    3) Have a friend draw the tattoo on you, or get an airbrush tattoo of what you want where you want it. This will give you time to take it for a test drive and decide if you really want it.
    4) Find a tattoo artist you trust. Done just walk into a tattoo parlor and offer them your skin canvas. Do research, look at portfolios, and have two appointments. One to specifically plan out exactly what you want before he/she ever touches you with the needle.

    Good luck, and happy inking!

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    nayleahposted 5 years ago

    ty everyone i asked just to see what good quotes are out there that really spoke to me. i already have thoughts of what i would like.
    1) i like the hakuna matata sign because its a word or phrase that ive been saying to my disabled sister when she is about to go into sergery.
    2) i like "dont count thhe days, make the days count." this quote speacks to me because of my childhood. lets just say that it wasnt a good one so i could only hope fpr he best and try and make the est of everyday and not count the bad days going by.