TAG watches....what's the deal with getting the battery changed?

  1. NatNatNC profile image61
    NatNatNCposted 5 years ago

    TAG watches....what's the deal with getting the battery changed?

    I had the watch for over five years before the battery needed to be changed and the first time I got it changed, it cost a little over $100 and took about two weeks. They said they have to send it to TAG overseas. That battery lasted about two years. Then I got it replaced again and it took nearly two months and the cost was over $200. The watch has stopped again and the life of this battery was only about a year. Is it true they must send them overseas? I was told they had told they had to so this to ensure the warranty doesn't void.

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    Souther29posted 4 years ago

    The real fact of the matter is an experienced watchmaker can replace the battery for you at most likely a cheaper cost. However there is of course the risk that something may go wrong. At least if you get it repaired with a TAG authorised watchmaker you don’t void the warranty and are covered if they make an error.

    I imagine if it’s a TAG watch then it would be quite expensive so you want to make sure you take care of it – expensive things cost more money to get fixed when they break sadly. I would mention about the battery life being less and less as this isn't acceptable really. They may be using cheaper batteries knowing that they run out quicker and being able to charge you the high price to replace again. Ask them what battery they use to replace in the watch and also the minimum life expected.

    Hope it helps!