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Diamond Shape for Engagement Ring

  1. candycox profile image57
    candycoxposted 7 years ago

    Diamond are forever, so is our engagement ring - what do you guys think about its shape.

    Which are the diamond shape would you considered for  your engagement ring?

    Here are some: have your one, - Round,Prince,Marquise,Oval,Cushion,
    Trillion,Heart,Asher,Emerald, Pear and Radiant.

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      Pani Midnyte Odinposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Just wondering here - why haven't you written any hubs? You've been here for 7 months and you seem quite nice from your forum posts. Why not write a hub or two? Upload a profile picture?

      And to answer your question, the engagement ring I'd want would look something like this: http://witchcraft-supplies.com/Jewelry/Rings/Q3099.jpg

    2. profile image45
      womanofgraceposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Dream wedding always comes with a very good engagement ring. While it’s true that diamonds are a girl’s bestfriend, choosing one is as crucial as saying “I do.” I hope to have a very good proposal from my BF with one of those beautifully carved <A HREF="http://vintage-engagement-rings.com/edwardian-engagement-rings/edwardian-engagement-rings/"> Edwardian engagement rings</A>. I bet it’d be a dream come true!

    3. ShireeOdiz profile image61
      ShireeOdizposted 6 years agoin reply to this


    4. Anamika S profile image47
      Anamika Sposted 7 years ago

      I find heart shaped diamond rings best for an engagement or wedding ring as they are indicative of love and romance. Other than the normal white diamonds which stands for purity you can also look into options with pink diamonds which is symbolic of romance.

      http://hubpages.com/hub/Buy-a-Heart-Sha … ing-Online

    5. Lisa HW profile image78
      Lisa HWposted 7 years ago

      I prefer (and wanted and got) a simple, round, diamond.  Somehow, to me, it represented "unpretentious simplicity" (Now that you mention it, I need to get a prong fixed one of these days.....   hmm  )

      1. Glimmer515 profile image75
        Glimmer515posted 7 years agoin reply to this

        2 and 1/2 Carat , clarity VVS 1 , Princess Cut! tongue

    6. teaganvampire profile image55
      teaganvampireposted 7 years ago

      ha ha thats funny

    7. gemcityjewel profile image58
      gemcityjewelposted 7 years ago

      I've always been fond of the emerald cut and the princess cut.

      1. UniqueBeauty profile image56
        UniqueBeautyposted 7 years ago

        http://www.tiffany.com/Engagement/Item. … 4/0/0/1008

        The perfect ring for me. I love princess cut, but this one is a Tiffany's design cushion cut with a diamond band set in platinum. It cost around $12,500 ;(

      2. profile image0
        Precious Williamsposted 7 years ago

        I have something that looks nothing like an engagement ring.  I just don't want to have what lots of other people have.

      3. Jennifer M profile image57
        Jennifer Mposted 7 years ago

        My diamond is princess cut. Rounds have the most sparkle due to their cut. Odd shapes like marque or heart will have quite a bit less sparkle. Considering the statement "a diamond lasts forever" be sure to find one you'd like to be buried with. This will likely buying your setting and diamond separately. Ready to go rings like those found at chain stores are almost entirely lower quality diamonds and cost as much, if not more than, loose diamonds. If you're anywhere near the mid-west I would recommend our jeweler, Meierotto's mjewelry.com

      4. profile image47
        jayakolposted 7 years ago

        I would vote for heart shaped…diamonds are romantic and what best to symbolize than the heart shaped diamond ring.

      5. profile image51
        traderstoneposted 7 years ago

        Simple diamond ring is very best for me.

      6. DeepaRoy profile image72
        DeepaRoyposted 7 years ago

        Well personally I like heart shape diamond for engagement rings but there are many other factors that must be considered while choosing diamond shapes, especially when it comes to engagement rings. I got some great tips for selecting diamond shape for engagement ring here in this article - How to Choose Perfect Diamond Shape?

      7. Weldon Jewellers profile image60
        Weldon Jewellersposted 7 years ago

        I've always thought that the classic simplicity of a round stone is impossible to beat! there's a beauty and purity to the light you get from a brilliant stone that really speaks to me!!!!

      8. HerbalMarvel profile image61
        HerbalMarvelposted 6 years ago

        Just bought a diamond engagement ring.  My other half subtly (not at all) mentioned she prefers the idea and style of an eternity ring over a traditional solitaire etc

        No idea about cuts etc (typical bloke in that sense) but found it interesting that there were so many blwydi options available to trip us up!

        1. Calgarz profile image61
          Calgarzposted 6 years agoin reply to this

          I think the eternity ring is usually meant to top off the wedding band. It's more like an anniversary ring.

      9. Calgarz profile image61
        Calgarzposted 6 years ago

        I like an emerald cut or a princess cut.