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How To Apply Blush Yourself - Apply Rouge Makeup

Updated on March 25, 2013

Rosy cheeks are a symbol of health and beauty. Unless you know how to apply blush yourself, it is difficult to maintain rosy cheeks all the time.

But it is easy to to get it with the use of blush. The blush (also known as rouge) returns the healthy and radiant appearance to the face.

The purpose of the blush is to put color and help to define the facial structure adding beauty, emphasizes the bone structure, highlighting the cheekbones.

Is important not to abuse of the dark blush, because may give the impression that the factions are sunken.

The ideal color is the natural color of rosy cheeks, for this you can press the cheekbone a little (pinch) and the color that appears should be similar to the

How To Apply Blush Yourself.
How To Apply Blush Yourself.

olor of the blush to choose.

When you apply rouge makeup, it has to complement the skin tone, not the lipstick color.

The blush makeup comes in two basic types:

  • Compact blush: it provides to the normal or oily skins a transparent color, of soft matte finish
  • Blush in cream: ideal for normal to dry skin, it gives an intense color that gives to the face a natural glow. Keep in mind that it is applied after the foundation and after the compact powder

How To Apply Blush Yourself

  • Observe your cheeks to apply the color on them, the best way to know where to apply it is to smile
  • Spread with slight taps up and out. Shake or blow a little the brush before applying to remove the product excess. Avoid to apply the color near the eyes because it can make them look small
  • Remember to give a color touch to the temples, the line of the hairline, the bridge of the nose, the chin and other areas where you wants that the blush gives a tanned look
  • The flush throughout the hairline illuminates the face
  • For tanned or darker skins, the bright colors look great
  • It is recommended to use more intense tones when you dress in black or under artificial lights

How To Apply Blush Properly

  • Oval face: makeup under the cheekbone
  • Round face: from the center of the cheek to the cheekbone and a touch in the chin
  • Square face: a minimum of blush on the lower cheek area
  • Triangular face: on the cheekbone horizontally to the center of the cheek

Tip: It is always easier to add color that to try to fix errors. It is convenient to start by applying a small amount of blush and continue to applying in layers to achieve more intensity.

Coastal Scents 10 Piece

Professional Blush Palette with 10 blushes (4 matte blushes).

Can be used by all ages and skin tones. The colors are fantastic and last a long time.

They are very pigmented, so start with a bit of blush. Great makeup and colors for the price

L'Oreal Paris Naturale Blush

With unique built-in blush brush designed for soft application.

The gentle formula is safe for sensitive skin and does not clog the pores.

The color is perfect and the finish in the skin is wonderful. Gives the cheeks a healthy-looking color.

Ecotools Blush Brush

Easily contour the cheekbones. High quality brush for a low price.

The brush is super soft and grabs the product perfectly well. Is very soft, fluffy and functional, it gives a great application.

A sturdy and inexpensive soft blush brush.

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