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How To Apply Lip Liner Pencil - Lip Liner Makeup

Updated on July 17, 2013

The lips are the center of the makeup, they express us, they seduce us and are the protagonists.

According to how to apply lip liner pencil they can be exotic, provocative, natural or romantic.

The lip liner is an element that can not miss if what is wanted is to improve or to correct the shape of the contour of the mouth.

The main purpose of apply lip liner properly is to define and shape and to prolong the durability of the lipstick also.

The lip liner eliminates the problem of the lipstick to stain the edges of the lips. With the right lip liner, the lips will always look so chic and effortless.

The lip liner should be of the color of the lips or of the color of the lipstick, never darker.

How To Apply Lip Liner Pencil.
How To Apply Lip Liner Pencil.

The best lip liner is the one that is not noticed, so if you have doubt with a tone of lipstick in particular, you can use a lighter or neutral lip liner tone.

How to apply lip liner pencil

  • Draw the upper lip first, then the lower
  • Draw each lip in two times, from the center toward the ends: first to one side then the other
  • If you want to modify the shape of your mouth, first apply a foundation on the lips, then draw on them the new shape
  • Take into account that to draw out of the natural lip edge, makes the lips seem bigger
  • By contrast, the internal outlined reduces the size of the mouth

Apply lip liner properly

  • Before the lipstick
  • The tone should be neutral or the most similar to the lipstick
  • Begin from the center of the the lip to each side following the natural border of the lips

Tip: The secret on how to apply lip liner pencil for a perfect outlined lip is simple, stretch the lips as you draw the line with the lip liner.

Maybelline Lip Liner

Prevents lipstick from bleeding and feathering.

With vitamin E and jojoba oil. This liner is just soft enough to go on well.

It glides on very easily and smoothly.

Sephora Nano Lip Liner

A soft lip pencil to smooth and define lips.

It comes in twenty shades. Glides on with ease and comfort.

The pencil is easy to use with no tugging on the lips.

L'Oreal Petite Lip Liner

Prevents lip color from feathering and bleeding.

Is enriched with aloe for an ultra-soft feel. Enhances and defines the lip color.

Beautiful color that last through out the day.

Eye Liner and Lip Liner Pack

Pack of ten assorted colored pencils.

All brand new pencils with caps, all of good colors, sharpened and ready to be used.

Colors may be: black, blue, red, pink, green, navy blue, silver, brown, chocalate, berry.

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