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How To Apply Pressed Powder On Face - Apply Powder Correctly

Updated on March 25, 2013

This step is essential to give to the foundation a transparent, silky and matte finish. You need to know how to apply pressed powder on face because the facial powders helps the makeup to look uniform.

Its main function is to fix the foundation and to prolong its duration eliminating the skin's natural glow. The powders absorb oil on the face, helping to control the shine on the face.

The powders are classified as:

  • Loose, which are a fine blend of pure powders that do not provide color
  • Pressed, they generally provide texture and color
  • Creamy, it is a special type of powder that seems compact, but if it is applied with a wet sponge it becomes creamy and replace the foundation

How To Apply Pressed Powder On Face.
How To Apply Pressed Powder On Face.

How To Apply The Loose Powder Correctly

  • The loose powder is applied with a brush. Put in the brush the least amount of powder possible
  • Shake the brush in the air to remove excess of powder before applying it in the face
  • The skin should be dry to apply the powder, if it is wet the powder can form clumps

How To Apply Pressed Powder On Face

  • The pressed powder is applied with a dry sponge
  • To apply tap the sponge gently all over the face

To apply pressed powder on face is an optional step. If your skin is beautiful with small pores and even tone you may not need foundation or put pressed powder makeup.

  • A good option is to only apply it in the most oily areas of the skin where the shine appears
  • The powder should be avoided in the expression lines and wrinkles. For not making a mistake it is necessary to inflate the cheeks when applying it

Retouch the makeup is a frequent and a necessary habit during the day, and to do it is sufficient to apply compact or translucent powder with gentle taps.

Avoid excessive application, because it accentuates the expression lines, making the face look aged.

You can retouch as necessary with light and fine powders to reduce the shines, without marking the face. Always take your cosmetic necessities with you.

Tip: The facial powders should be applied very lightly on dry or mature skin, otherwise they can highlight the wrinkles.

Revlon Loose Powder

Contains vitamins C and E help improve skin tone.

The color looks like a light bronzer and it is not too bright.

Features light-reflective crystal color and skin-enhancing minerals to instantly brighten skin, soften flaws and boost radiance.

Clinique Pressed Powder

Maintains a fresh look and feel, ultra-sheer texture gives skin a perfected matte appearance.

It is great to apply over a liquid foundation for full coverage or by itself for sheer coverage.

It helps to control excess oils on the face.

Ecotools Powder Brush

Ideal for applying powder and setting makeup.

It distributes the powder evenly, is soft to the touch, and it is easy to clean.

It makes application of powder foundations flawless.

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