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How To Apply Eyeliner The Correct Way - Put Eyeliner Yourself

Updated on May 22, 2013

The eyeliner revives and defines the contour of the eyes better than any other product, provided that you know how to apply eyeliner the correct way.

Together with the mascara, is the best solution for short and sparse lashes.

The function of the eyeliner is that these look bigger and expressive, emphasizing the eye and enhancing its color.

Eyeliner is an art, it should be done with thin lines, close to each other and as close to the lashes as possible, of both the upper and the lower lashes.

So that a line does not look so harsh, you should blend it well using a cotton swab cotton-tipped stick or with the fingertips.

How To Apply Eyeliner The Correct Way
How To Apply Eyeliner The Correct Way

There are many types of eyeliners, each type has specific uses, advantages and disadvantages.

  • Pencil: Draw the lines not too well defined, which gives a more natural look. They last less that the liquid eyeliners
  • Liquid: they provide more definition of traces and durability. Being liquid they glides easily. If you make a mistake, you should clean and start again.
  • Water based: They combine the softness of the pencil with the perfect definition and finish of the liquid ones. They run easily
  • Gel based: They are applied with a brush. They glide more easily than the pencil eyeliners and last longer

How To Apply Eyeliner The Correct Way

  • The eyeliner pencil should be smooth so that it slides on the delicate skin of the lids without pulling it
  • Sharpen the tip to draw a precise and clean line, but not so sharp that it can cause damage to the eyelashes
  • The lines should be thin and they should be as close to the root of the lashes as possible. Remember that you want to show off your eyes, not the eyeliner
  • Start the line in the middle of the eyelid outwards, and then from the lachrymal towards the center. Finally go over the line.
  • After each trace smudge a little, to get extra softness and so that the delineation seems to be part of the eyelashes
  • If you want a strong impact, also delineate the lower eyelid. You can delineate all the eyelid or only from the center outward
  • To further emphasize the eye, you can also apply eyeliner on the inside rim of the lower eyelid (waterline)
  • The black and brown colors are the basic ones and preferred by the women. The black liner reduces the eye while the white enlarges it

How To Apply Eyeliner For Different Shaped Eyes

How to correct the shape of the eye

  • Almond shaped down: Apply illuminator under the eyebrow. Use a light shadow on the inner half of the eyelid, complete with a matte shadow in the other half with a brush stroke up. Do not apply eyeliner on your waterline and arch the lashes
  • Close together: Use a light and bright shadow near the lachrymal, and illuminator under the eyebrow. Apply medium or dark shadow on the eyelid crease to give depth. Delineate from the middle of the eyelid outward
  • Droopy eyelids: Use a dark tone on the eyelid to emphasize. Apply illuminator under the eyebrow. Do not apply eyeliner on your waterline and depilate the eyebrows
  • Prominent: Use dark shadow on the eyelid and a matte tone surrounding it to illuminate. Delineate with a thick and deep line and smudge. Do not use mascara in the lower lashes or arch them

Tip: Harmonize the eyeliners with the tones of the shadows to achieve a much more attractive effect

CoverGirl Pencil Eyeliner

Classic eye pencil with gentle blender tip, it goes on very smoothly.

The blending tip at the end works pretty well. Available in five different tones.

Maybelline Liquid Eyeliner

Its easy to put on and smooth. It does not run nor is it affected by water.

The applicator provides a very good control.

L.A. Girl Eyeliner

Water based eyeliner with a marker-like tip very ease of applying.

It dries quickly and lasts all day. Creates a thin and precise line in one stroke.

You can make thin or thick lines.

Starry Gel Eyeliner

Every package comes with an brush. It is available in 12 colors.

It has a beautiful texture and glides on smoothly. Offers the precision of liquid eyeliner and the ease of a gel based formula.

Ecotools Eyeliner Brush

Ultra-flat, precisely angled bristles create a clean line around eyelashes.

It allows you full control. Nice and functional brushes. Pack of two brushes.

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