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How To Apply Foundation For Best Results - Apply Foundation Right

Updated on March 27, 2013

A good foundation looks like a second skin.

It is important to know how to apply foundation for best results, because the main function of a foundation it is to provide a natural look and to improve the aspect of the skin matching the tone, softening the texture and helping to hide imperfections.

The foundation allows that the makeup products easily and gently slide and last for more time.

Also, it adds a thin layer of extra protection between the skin and the outside world.

For best result the foundation has to be of the same color of the skin. If you want to use other tones you have to have experience (if you use colors that do not

How To Apply Foundation For Best Results.
How To Apply Foundation For Best Results.

correspond to the color of the skin, the foundation will be visible and it will not coordinate with the rest of the skin of your body).

If you do not find the right tone, you can select the tone closest to your complexion, in order to apply foundation for best results.

There are several types of facial foundation

  • According to the texture: we can find liquid or creamy
  • According to the finish: they are classified in
  1. Natural, they give to the normal or dry skin, a fresh and radiant appearance
  2. Matte, perfect to give to normal or oily skin a smooth, homogeneous and pale aspect
  3. Semi matte, they give to all the skin types a smooth and uniform aspect
  • According to the coverage: that allows to appreciate the tonality, they can be
  1. Transparent, for perfect skins with nothing to hide or for tanned skin
  2. Light, they give a soft appearance
  3. Middle, they help to hide small defects
  4. Overall, they cover completely

How To Apply Foundation For Best Results

  • To apply foundation right, it should be applied with a soft sponge slightly moistened, giving gentle taps to obtain a more natural result
  • It is advisable to start applying the foundation at the center of the face (nose, forehead and chin), and then extend to both sides
  • Then you need to extend with circular movements up and out
  • Always makeup the neck and ears so that the color is very natural and homogeneous

To choose the most appropriate tone for each one is very easy, it is the one that better harmonizes with the own skin tone.

To be able to choose the tone of the foundation correctly, you should keep in mind some basic recommendations:

  • Make the choice under under natural light conditions
  • Test it properly on the face. If it is not possible you can apply a little in the hand, in the triangular area between the thumb and the index finger

Tip: The skins that are not as young turn pale a bit, therefore too dark foundations should be avoided.

Maybelline Liquid Foundation

Easy to apply because it is liquid, with good coverage.

This foundation gives a nice natural coverage.

No need of concealer to cover little imperfections. A good product at a good price. It comes in a variety of tones.

Loreal Creamy Foundation

The texture feels light for a cream foundation.

It blends very easily and just melts into the skin. Is perfect for any age. With its vast range of shades, it is perfect for any skin tone.

With a regular sponge you have more control than with the provided brush.

Ecotools Foundation Brush

Ecotool's earth-friendly brush. Applies cream or liquid foundation for an even finish and a flawless look.

The brush itself is very soft. It makes application of the foundation easy and the foundation always comes out even.

The brush head is fuller and bigger than regular brushes.

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