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Cool Snake Tattoo Designs

Updated on July 8, 2014

Snake tattoos are very exciting, as the texture of the snake, its shape, and the ease of combining in with numerous other themes lends itself to great subject matter to have inked on your body.

One surprising thing for me was to discover how popular snake tattoos are among the ladies, as there are probably more women with snake tattoo as there are men, or at least just as many.

There are definitely differing reasons for the popularity of snake tattoos, as in Asian cultures they represent a variety of important part of their lives, while in other cultures they're applied as simply cool works of art or amazing tools to create interesting designs.

Whatever the reason, snake tattoos look great on the body, and there are a wide mixture of designs and combinations, along with places on the body to put them because of the unique body type and look of a snake. 

These types of breaking through the skin tattoos are always interesting, although not for me. Even so, the snake appearing to move through the skin is done well, and definitely captures the attention.

Snake Tattoo on Shoulder

I really like this combination tribal and snake tattoo. Did you notice how the tongue of the snake appears to be part of the tribal design? You have to look closely to see the difference. the red works nicely as well.

Tribal Snake Tattoo

Snake and skull tattoos are among the more popular of the genre, and when including skull, there is usually the inclusion of the snake slithering through the eye of the skull. While that's to be expected and not unusual, it still looks cool when it's done.

Snake and Skull Shoulder Tattoo

I chose this snake and skull tattoo as an example because of its quality, but also because it was one of those that didn't include the snake moving through the eye socket. The colors of the snake are nice, as is the color of the skull.

This cobra tattoo looks great, and even though over-emphasized, the hood on the head of the snake lends itself to how mesmorizing it can be when a potential victim of the same is watching it as it's about to strike.

That you can see the entirety of the snake is a big plus as well.

Snake Tattoo on Side

The colorful snake tattoo below looks great, but it is always a problem to put too much of a tattoo on a part of the body that can't hold it, as it looks cramped, as this snake design does, even though it is a quality one.

Snake Tattoo on Calf

Here's a great example of a snake tattoo that takes full advantage of how you can include a design that is fantastic. Take notice of how the design changes as you look up and down the snake. Good job.

Full Leg Snake Tattoo

The inclusion of the basket and dice in this tattoo is very cool. Very unique in that there weren't any other tattoos close to the interesting design.

Snake Tattoo with Dice on Thigh

Below we again see the versatility a tattoo artist can take with the subject matter and create a compelling work of art that looks fantastic.

Unique Snake Tattoo Design on Calf

What I really enjoyed about these snake tattoo designs is how different each one was. There was little similarity, yet no doubt as to what was being represented. This was just a tiny sampling of the variety there is out there in the genre.


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