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Best Music Systems: Bose Music And Bose Radio - The Wave Music System

Updated on April 11, 2011

Bose Music: Bose Radio - Wave Music System

For anyone who is a connoisseur of music, to experience music like you've never experienced it before, you simply must indulge yourself and experience Bose music

More specifically, for folks wanting a simple music system that will fit in a kitchen, a bedroom, or a den (among many other places) and that packs a fantastic sound, check out the Bose Radio or the Wave Music System as it is most commonly called. 

My husband bought me a Bose Wave Radio Music System about 10 years ago and that was my first experience with Bose music products.  I have to say that I fell in love at first listen. 

Come with me and let's have a look at what options are available from Bose music products and specifically the Bose Radio and the Wave Music System. 


Bose Music: Bose Radio - Wave Music System

What makes Bose so superior in quality to other standard music systems? Their technology lends Bose products the same level of quality you would find in describing high definition TV rather than 'regular' definition TV. It just sounds so much better!

The reason appears to be because it amplifies not only high register sound but also refines and defines low register sound to a much greater degree than most standard music systems.

They use a technology that transfers the sound from a small speaker inside to the outside air and they do this through a series of 'tunnels' inside the Wave Music System. It transfers the sound over wide ranges of low frequencies and high frequencies through two speakers connected to waveguides which delivers the most incredible timbre I've ever heard from a system this small.

Bose Radio Wave Music System features:

  • CD player
  • AM/FM radio
  • Headphone jack
  • Remote
  • Alarm clock
  • Sleek and eye-pleasing design
  • Impressive sound quality - your music will love being played on this system
  • Expandable

Expandable Options for Bose Radio Wave Music System

  • Connect kit for iPod
  • Multi-CD changer easily fits onto base of Bose Radio Wave Music System
  • Sound Link option so you can access Internet radio or your digital music library such as iTunes
  • Long range wireless link - listen to your Bose Radio Wave Music System from any room in the house

Bose Music: Bose Radio Wave Music System

I first saw Bose music systems demonstrated in Seattle about a year before we bit the bullet and my husband purchased our first Bose Radio Wave Music System. 

The only 'down' side to Bose music systems can be that they are pricey.  However, I am a huge believer in you get what you pay for and in terms of music, since I love my music and have spent nearly a fortune on stereo equipment of all kinds over the years, I totally can justify the expense of this marvelous product. 

It makes a great gift for any occasion.  Bob bought it for me for a mega anniversary and it has been a treasure for us both ever since.  The first CD I played on it was Andrea Bocelli's Songo and it made me cry as the sound filled the room. 

I can't say enough about Bose music products because we own several of their products and are contemplating buying another for our TV.  We have had nothing but rave reviews from friends or family who have listened to the sound quality and have enjoyed our music libraries with us. 

The Bose Radio Wave Music System is a fantastic music system whether you buy it stand alone or you add some of the accessories to it.  I bought the iPod connector and simply by plugging the connection into the back of the Bose Radio Wave Music System, I could access all 11,000 of my songs at the flip of the remote and experience the same quality sound. 

Bose music products are hard to beat and the Bose Radio Wave Music System is one of their first but one of their all-time bests!

Bose Wave Music System Demo


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