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Computer Security, Do not be a victim

Updated on February 27, 2012

Protect the Ones you Love

When I first got my computer I didn't know anything about anything. I barely knew how to connect with the internet. And I just want to share with all of you what I have discovered so maybe you won't have the same issues.

I bought my computer in 2007. I was a complete idiot when it came to computers, but I knew there were things I could do that might make life easier with a computer.

First of all, nothing is safe. YOU have to lock the door, just like you lock your front door to your house so you and your children will be safe.

Do NOT give your children free access to the internet via facebook or whatever unless YOU have control of the site. THERE ARE bad people in the world and it is YOUR JOB to protect your children.

Okay, that said and done. Here are a few ways I have learn to keep the predators out.

Clean House

I now do a lot of graphic design for websites. So that entails research. Everything your computer researches, your computer keeps track of. Every picture that you've ever seen via the internet is stored somewhere on your computer. Everything you have ever done on your computer is stored somewhere in it's memory.

Go to, search and download CCleaner. It's free and safe. Run through all of the programs. It may take a while, but it's worth it.

Then download Malwarebytes. Run that program.

Most computers at this point will be running at optimum speed. If not then you might need to call an IT and schedule a visit.

My personal history

I lived out in the "sticks" and had dial up for a long period of time. My computer ran extremely slow. I blamed it on the dial up.

I would click on something, then wash dishes while it downloaded.

When I moved into a town where I could get a better internet connection at a fair price I discovered it wasn't my connection speed, but my computer.

I spent four days researching my problem. I downloaded several programs to cure my computer of its diseases.

I did finally, get it up to speed. And it turns out I really just needed to clean house. Which is why I mentioned the programs above. This is all you really need.

If your computer is running slow, try these two programs before you do anything else.

Of course, if these programs do not help, you may need the help of an IT.

Malicious or Non-Malicious software

Most viruses that people get these two programs will solve because they are not malicious viruses. A lot of viruses will tell you that you have a virus and the only way to get rid of them is by buying their software. Others just want to obtain your contacts so they can spam everyone in you email contact list with sales adds. But occasionally, you will get a BAD one. These are the ones that pornographic images start popping onto your screen. This is when you shut your computer down IMMEDIATELY and seek help.

Don't fall prey to viruses. Update and change your passwords monthly. Clean you computer regularly using the software mentioned above. And monitor.


Monitor what is being searched. Viruses like to hide. Mostly in your "temp" file.

One way to monitor your computer's activity is my simply clicking on the ctrl button and the H button. When you open your internet browser, instead of typing in an address, hit CTRL H, you will be able to access every site that has been accessed. This can be very useful if you clicked on something and became a victim to a virus. Then report it.


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