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HTC Wildfire perosnal review

Updated on May 13, 2012

This is a good mid range android phone considering user interface but it is a bit poor considering the processing power of phones of that range. But surely the phone is a good looking one. But surely the processing power is a problem. Considering the fact that Samsung is providing a processor of speed 600MHz in its low end android phones like galaxy 5, this becomes a serious problem. But the 384MB RAM is very good as you can run consider number of applications simultaneously. This phone comes with an internal memory of 512MB ROM. But the problem is that most of it will be preloaded with HTC sense UI and some other such HTC apps. So the free memory that you are getting to install applications is less nearly 150MB. Before upgrading to 2.2 it is a serious problem as this memory will get exhausted easily and you will be unable to install more applications. But once you update to 2.2 you will be able to install applications to memory card. It will be good if you use the free application app2sd for installing applications in memory card.

Price-$280 (Rs.11000)

Operating system-Android 2.1 (Eclair)

As it is a phone released nearly two years before there is no point in expecting it to come with latest android version. It comes with android 2.1 Eclair. This version of android do not have support for application installation in memory card, wi fi hot spot support, flash support, built in task manager etc. But HTC has released an update for this phone, so that you can update the android operating system in the phone to android 2.2 which is new enough currently. In 2.2 there is all the functions that described as lacking in 2.1.

Processor (ARM with Qualcomm chip set 600MHz speed)

The processor in the phone is the only drawback that it has from other mid range android phones. Considering other company android phones like Samsung 600MHz is the minimum standard even in low end android phones. But HTC has proved it is enough to run android OS along with their custom user interface Sense UI. Also there is no much slowdown while running small games and all, but there is some problems while playing HD videos and graphics intense games. If you have such applications for your phone, it will be better to go for a phone with built in graphics processor like galaxy ace.

RAM (384MB)

This RAM is better than other mid range android phones of Samsung which offer only a RAM of 248MB maximum in their phones. This increased RAM will help the phone to run more apps simultaneously. Also it will be better while playing videos and all. This RAM increases the multi tasking functionality of the phone. But surely this phone will have performance problem for individual apps due to less processing power. HTC has rectified this problem in their next phone HTC wildfire S, in which they gave a processor of speed 600MHz.

Camera (5MP with auto focus with LED flash )

This camera is average comparing to other mid range android phones. If you are considering this phone mainly due to camera, you are wrong. Because other mid range android phones like galaxy ace provides more good camera in almost the same price range. But the camera interface deserves a thumbs up, HTC customization provides some more additional options in camera than present in Google 2.1 by default. But even though the camera is good in terms of specifications, it is not that good when it comes to the output pictures. Also the video recording is not of expected qualities. It records videos at 15 fps, which is only average in mid range android phones.

Screen (3.2 inch TFT capacitive touch screen)

It comes with 16 million color gorilla glass 3.2 inch display which is good technically. But QVGA display is not that good comparing to other mid range android phones. The 240 x 320 pixels resolution of the phone is not that good, some games will not even play in this resolution screen. But the sense UI customization of HTC is very good to overcome this bad feeling about the screen.

Battery(1350 mAh)

Battery is average compared to other mid range android phones. But as it has 384MB RAM, there will be a large number of applications running in the background unnoticed. As there is enough free memory available android auto kill feature of background programs will not work. This will continue draining you battery. So you have to be vigilant to kill unnecessary apps running in the background. Also there is some power saver options in the settings which will help you to improve battery life. Also it will be good if you read more battery saving tips for smart phones.


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