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Amazing Digital cameras taking Gigapixel photos

Updated on May 13, 2012

You may have seen pictures taken using 5 MP camera of your phone and 20MP camera of your professional digital camera. But most of us have not seen any Gigapixel photos taken using cameras of high capacity. A 1GP photo contains 1000 time more information that a 1MP photo or technically it contains a billion pixels. Zooming into the details will no decrease the quality of such images. Now the cameras capable of creating a Gigapixel image in a single shot are very less in number. But there is a lot of cameras capable of creating Gigapixel image by joining several pictures taken separately

Developments in the area of a Gigapixel camera was started only in 2000. In the same year 4 gigapixel camera was made by a group of scientists, but these cameras produced images by joining different segments taken separately. Currently there are cameras capable of capturing gigapixel images in single shot. Also the capacity of photos produced by joining segments increased. Now there are pictures developed up to 272 Gigapixels resolution. This was developed under the name Shahnai 272 Gigapixel project.


You can view this 272 Gigapixel image from your web browser in the link. View 272 Gigapixel image.

Also there is a 111GP image developed in the project Sevilla. View image

Such pictures are of interest mainly in fields like military operations and planning. Land utilization planning etc. Now there is satellite cameras also which can zoom into the very details of pictures with resolution of centimeters. But the problem with them is that they cannot capture this as a single image. A lot of researches are going on in this field


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