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How To Burn CDs And DVDs And Copy Discs Media For Free

Updated on December 24, 2012

There are many disc burning software available in the market nowadays; thing is, they either are offered for trial and then need to be bought, or they are free but with limited functionality.
The free ones usually work well, but not all of them offer wide range of tools or support different kinds of media.
Hamster Free Burning is an exception. It can be used to burn CDs, DVDs, copy these discs, but it also supports blu ray discs. Through this support back up is made easier due to the large size of these discs and of course movie burning is done with no quality loss and no need of video conversion.
Aside all these, Hamster is exceptional at determining the right burning speed for your media and your files, thus the possibility of recording failure is very low.

Hamster Free Burning main window
Hamster Free Burning main window

Download the software form the link and execute the .exe file. You can either choose express install or customize the installation, either way is fine. When installation is done you can move on burning your first disc.
You need to select Data CD/DVD; you will see that here you can choose to write an ISO file or move on selecting the files on your hard drive, when you will come across the main window of the program.

You can add files by clicking Add and you can select whole folders by clicking on Add Folder. This way you will start adding your files and the program will indicate various information about them, such as size and file type. When all selections have been made, the files are ready and you can start burning; click the big round yellow button at bottom left to initiate the process.

The Options window will show up, where you can name the disc, set the disc to be finalized after recording and choose to have the disc ejected automatically when recording has been completed. Data verification is also possible, and it can be adjusted to Quick or Full. Note however that will take way longer to complete.

Other recording options are available too; for example, when you want to perform a disc copy, choose Copy CD/DVD; At Source you choose the drive where the source files will be and at Target the drive which contains the empty media. Click on Create to begin the burning process.
The time needed is of course relevant to the files number and size, the speed selection chosen from options (must be equal or less than the capabilities of the CD/DVD and the recorder itself) and the system load. For better results and increased reliability, try not to multi-task while the recording is in process.

Hamster software supports Windows XP, Vista and 7.


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