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How To Organize And Sort Your Image And Photos Gallery

Updated on March 1, 2013

Every single computer users has surely downloaded and kept image files and photos in his computer; it can be downloaded files from the net, wallpapers, pictures from Flickr, or photos taken from the user's photo camera. All these images need to be organized and sorted, unless user is satisfied with just dumping all files in My Pictures folder.

Since most users would like to have some typical control over what images they got in their hard drive and where they are located, image viewer and gallery software is quite popular. The options are quite many, though some of them are paid. Here we will offer an excellent alternative which happens to be free of charge.

Viewer2 is a freeware application which can brag for an intuitive user interface and some powerful features which assist the user in organizing his pictures collection. In order to start using it, you first need to obtain it; use the link included here to download the program.
Download and install the program. The first major element of its design is the fact that it runs in full screen; this really makes any kind of work done on images quite easier, but could need some time to get used to. The user needs to move the mouse to the top of the screen so the toolbar is shown. Hovering over the tools you will get some explanatory text to understand how each works and which one accomplishes the task that needs to be done.

When you move the mouse at center of screen and at left, you will see an arrow through which you will view all folders in your hard drive containing pictures. When you're viewing a folder, the program generates tiles of the pictures contained in it, something which might cause some delay on older systems due to processing needs.

Tagging images by using Viewer2 free software.
Tagging images by using Viewer2 free software.

Sorting Through User's Criteria

The program can be used to categorize the pictures in relevant galleries based on matching criteria; possible criteria could be their size, path, resolution, date, color and of course through the tags assigned to them. Sorting of the images can be done through the option S from the top bar.

Adding Tags

If you want to add tags to a group of images or a picture, you select the files, move mouse to top bar and click at Add Tags. Type the tags which identify your pictures; the more tags you add, the easier it is to identify the relevant images when you want to do so.
The program can even suggest some tags for you, but generally it is advised you write your own to achieve the best possible results.

Options menu of Viewer2.
Options menu of Viewer2.

More Features

Viewer2 can offer more interesting features; one which could be particularly useful is Film Strip View. When you right click on a selected picture, the other pictures in the same group will appear in thumbnails.

In Configuration menu, user can control various elements of the user interface, for example icons size and can adjust other visual details.

Moreover, the program's search is a powerful tool; you can search for files with various advanced criteria and get search results relevant to your search.

All in all, Viewer2 is a useful freeware program for any user who downloads or shoots photos with his camera and stores the images in his computer's hard drive.


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    • Tonyx35 profile image

      J Antonio Marcelino 5 years ago from Illinois, USA

      Thanks CyberFreak for the info about the application. Always willing to give a new image viewer/organizer a try.