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How to use iTunes Radio in iPhone 5S and 5C?

Updated on October 11, 2013

iPhone 5S and 5C is fully loaded with Music. iPhone 5S and 5C has iTunes Radio, through which various music genres can be explored by using featured music stations. Custom music stations can be created by a user according to a genre, artist or song type.


The playback controls and album art are visible in the “Now Playing” screen whenever a song is played through a station. For sharing, fine tuning or for creation of a station, just “tap” the symbol as shown in the figure 2.

How to create a music station?

Based on the song, artist or genre creating your very own music station is possible. For setting up your own music station, on the screen of the iTunes Radio “tap” New Station, now search for your favorite genre, artist or song or you can also directly select any genre. You should “tap” the Create button for creating a new station from the Now Playing display.

How to edit your music station?

To edit your music station just “tap” Edit, now you can delete a station or you can exclude or include genres, artists and songs.

How to manipulate the song selections?

For manipulating the song selections use the Now Playing screen for “tapping” the symbol shown in the figure 3, now you can “tap” Never Play This Song or Play More Like This. In your “iTunes Wish List” you can also add songs.


How to buy songs?

To buy songs for your personal library “tap” on the price button displayed on the “Now Playing” screen.

How is a personal music station shared?

Through the “Now Playing” screen a personal music station can be shared by “tapping” the symbol shown in the figure 2 and then “tap” Share Station.

How to listen to ad free iTunes Radio?

For listening to ad free iTunes Radio you should subscribe to “iTunes Match.”

How to skip song(s)?

Every hour a user can skip particular number of songs, for doing this “tap” on the symbol shown in the figure 4 on the “Now Playing” screen.


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