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Low Disk Space : How to Disable Low Disk Space Alert Message

Updated on June 2, 2011

Your hard disk drive has several partitions. If the free space of a particular partition becomes very low, you will see a pop up message regularly appears on the windows task bar. It gives the message Low Disk Space again and again. One or two times may be bearable. But it continuously shows the message and you feel vary disturb on that message. But don't worry. This page contains the steps to remove this alert message. Just follow the steps and you can easily disable the alert message of Low Disk Space.

Steps to disable low disk space alert message

Follow the following steps to disable Low Disk Space message on your task bar:

Step 1:

Click on Start menu and then click on Run. Type regedit on the text box and hit Enter key of your keyboard. You will find the Registry Editor window will be opened.

Step 2:

Go to the following location from the Registry Editor window:


Step 3:

After going  to the above location (step 2), click on the right side of Registry Editor window and select New. Scroll to New and you will find DWORD value. Click on DWORD value and give it a name like NoLowDiskSpaceChecks.

Step 4:

Double click on NoLowDiskSpaceChecks and Edit DWORD Value  window will be apeared. Now, put the value 1 in the Value data field and click on OK button.

That's all. By following the above steps you can easily remove the message Low Disk Space. I think you done it successfully.

© Written by rancidTaste


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      rohit 8 years ago

      wow tht works quite well