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The Polar Shift Continues with Undersea Cables Cut

Updated on June 29, 2013

Continued Polar Shift

Australian Aurora Borealis shows up quite clearly in this NASA photo and is just one sign of the continued Polar Shift.
Australian Aurora Borealis shows up quite clearly in this NASA photo and is just one sign of the continued Polar Shift. | Source

Oddly Reoccurring Theme

In an oddly reoccurring theme undersea internet cables are cut by a ships anchor. This same incident has occurred frequently in the last few months all over the World. Signs that The Polar Shift Continues with Undersea Cables Cut seems to be a popular excuse as the Earth's crust continues to be pulled apart in different parts of the World.

Since these incidents are all happening underwater it is very difficult to determine the truth in these matters, how convenient. I find it odd that this excuse has been used so often with hardly anyone questioning the events.

All internet and communication cables within 2,000 meters of any shoreline or major ports are buried well beneath the Sea floor, so how are these cables being cut by anchor's?

Just like the recent shipping disasters all over the World being blamed on faulty navigation equipment and human error, there now seems to be more human error when it comes to cables being damaged by anchors.

I for one am not buying it. Supposedly these cables are surrounded by a protective layer of galvanized steel wiring and sometimes steel tubes and yet these ships seem to be able to cut through with relative ease.

Consider the story of the 78 year old Grandmother that disrupted service in Armenia and Georgia for about a day when she easily severed an underground cable while searching for scrap metal.

All of these incidents could easily be explained by underground earthquakes and yet they are not mentioned as a source or reason. Earthquakes are on the rise World wide, with over 200 happening daily, many of which are 4.0 on the richter scale or higher. These earthquakes go widely unreported by the mainstream media, but have contributed to methane gas being released killing birds and fish. Exposing underground cables and causing the Earth to groan and moan. Many of these earthquakes are reported well below the actual richter scales, so as not to frighten the public. These earthquakes have also contributed to the increase of shipping disasters World Wide.

Eleven days earlier in the same region two other cables were cut when a ship dragged its anchor severing the cables.

In early February three cables were cut in as many days fifty miles off the coast of Dubai and of course the reason given, yes you guessed ships anchors. Are we seeing a theme here, internet cables being cut by ships anchors seems to be a growing concern as the Polar Shift continues largely unreported in the mainstream media?

Why are being given the same excuses while the ongoing Polar Shift begins to escalate, because the Powers That Be fear that as the overwhelming evidence of the ongoing Polar Shift continues the public will demand answers.

Albino Giraffe

The continued rise of Albino's World Wide is on the increase, for those that require visual proof.
The continued rise of Albino's World Wide is on the increase, for those that require visual proof. | Source

Buried Cable

Why these excuses don't fly is because when the undersea cables near the shore close to major ports they are buried beneath the sea floor, specifically so that anchors from ships cannot severe them. This is an obvious precaution and standard in the industry, otherwise this kind of damage would be happening constantly.

All cable within 2,000 meters of the coastlines are buried so that fishing trawlers and anchors will not result in damage. The cable that was severed off the coast of Dubai was many miles from shore, ships do not anchor in open sea, the notion is absurd.

In late January and early February of 2008 off the coast of Dubai and Egypt a total of five cables were cut by ships anchor's, they were busy that week.

Now off the coast of Kenya in late February and the first week of this month four internet cables have been cut due to ships anchors. As we near the end of the Mayan calendar end date of December 2012 and the Polar Shift continues to escalate, we will see more of these incidents.

The continued strange weather through out the World, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and other strange unexplained anomalies will occur. Learn to read between the lies, pay attention to what is not being said, learn to link incidents that have hard to believe explanations.

The continued rise of Albino animals everywhere is another sign of the continuing Polar Shift.

The Governments of the World are running out of excuses as they are being linked together. Strange Earth sounds, shipping accidents on the increase, strange boxes of Alien origin being found on beaches, internet cables becoming unburied and easily 'cut' by Grandmothers and anchor's.

Notice the flooding on coastlines seem to be on the increase that do not dissipate, the Moon has been seen in unnatural positions, the Sun is setting in odd places (not the West).

The Polar Shift Continues with Undersea Cables Cut is just another of the many signs we can find of the continued Polar Shift. When you Learn to Connect the Dots one World Disaster at a Time it becomes obvious that the public is being deceived.

Censored News on the Rise

Learn to read between the lies and question even the easiest explanations.
Learn to read between the lies and question even the easiest explanations. | Source

C'mon People . . .

Do you believe these buried cables are being cut by anchor's?

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