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Here's a question about compatibility

  1. DzyMsLizzy profile image98
    DzyMsLizzyposted 7 weeks ago

    I have 2 computers.  One is an older machine, using Windows XP Pro as the OS; my newer one is running Windows 10.

    The power supply on the older machine crapped out, and we haven't (yet) been able to find a replacement that matches the correct power levels. 

    Problem is, 99% of my photos, records, and such reside on the old machine.  I am wondering if there is some way to hook the two together, and make the older machine a slave of the new one.

    1)  would the 2 different OS systems be so incompatible that this would not work?
    2)  if the Win 10 machine could read/see/talk to the Win XP machine, would the old machine run off the new machine's power supply, or would it still need one of its own?

    And, a related question:  we have recently seen advertised, reader gizmos, into which a hard drive can be placed, and connected via USB to a live computer, turning it essentially into an external hard drive.  So--with this kind of setup, I still have question #1, above, since all the different kinds of files were created on the XP machine.

    (My "new" machine is not as expensive as the other one was in its day:  there is no extra slot inside to plug in an additional hard drive.)

    I am not a techie of any kind.  I know only enough to be "dangerous." (For example, going into the registry or BIOS, and mucking about with anything at all...even removing [or adding] something as simple as a comma can cause big trouble and massive headaches!)  LOL

    The main thing I do know, that mostly keeps me out of trouble is this maxim:  "If you don't know what it is, what it does, or what it is for, DON'T F** WITH IT!"  lol

    1. bravewarrior profile image92
      bravewarriorposted 7 weeks agoin reply to this

      Liz, do you back up your computer? A few years ago my desktop crapped out on me. I was able to take the files that I'd backed up onto an external hard drive and transfer everything to my laptop. It was laborious, but at least I didn't lose any of my files.

      1. DzyMsLizzy profile image98
        DzyMsLizzyposted 7 weeks agoin reply to this

        Yes, but not nearly as often as I should!  :-(   I have one (older) back up external hard drive, which is full, and a newer one as well, but of course, I'd not backed up the old files from the other computer, probably in months!  Sigh.
        However, the data is not lost; hubby took the hard drive out of the computer that lost its power supply, and it is stored safely, away from any potential electrical glitches....all I have to do I find a way to hook it back up, and have access to it once again.

        1. bravewarrior profile image92
          bravewarriorposted 7 weeks agoin reply to this

          That's a plus. I have my backup system set to backup all my files every Sunday while I'm sleeping. Something you may want to think about moving forward.