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I made a website from scratch-html in notepad. Does anyone know of a free place

  1. Sky321 profile image75
    Sky321posted 7 years ago

    I made a website from scratch-html in notepad.  Does anyone know of a free place to host it?...

    Most of the ones that I found were for template ones.

  2. S Bollinger profile image33
    S Bollingerposted 7 years ago

    Sky I would do a search on google for free hosting sites or low cost hosting and see what you can find. I don't know of any personally that are free. There is hosting with wordpress  as well as cpanel so you may need to figure which one you would like also and add this in your search. There you can open each one and look around at the hosting services and choose which one you wish to use.

    Here is a list of a few when I did the search for you:FREE WEBSITES - Free Hosting with Unlimited Webspace and FTP!
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  3. Goody5 profile image70
    Goody5posted 7 years ago

    Try Dot easy. It's not free, but it's cheap and good.

  4. louwi10 profile image59
    louwi10posted 7 years ago

    Hey there, i have attached the link to a hub (not created by myself) that i thought would be able to help you out.

    Here it is:
    http://hubpages.com/hub/10-Great-Free-W … g-Services


  5. saish profile image36
    saishposted 7 years ago

    you can go to 000webhost.com for more details

  6. bisnis2009 profile image53
    bisnis2009posted 7 years ago

    you will find on freehostia, it gives you free host or you choose cheap hostiing

  7. Miguel base profile image51
    Miguel baseposted 7 years ago

    hello...try byethost...im using it...I bought a domain through go daddy and host it at byethost smile