How to save money on electricity?

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    Lovelli Fuadposted 3 years ago

    How to save money on electricity?

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    Express10posted 3 years ago

    Use your AC less by wearing summer clothes inside the house, if you feel you need a jacket, pants and socks inside during summer, you could turn your temperature up a couple degrees or more. Make sure your windows and doors are not leaking air and that your windows are energy efficient, with an insulating gas between at least 2 or 3 panes of glass. If you see moisture or a white haze between the panes, that window is increasing your electric bill by allowing heat to pass through the panes of glass during summer heat and into your home.

    Avoid using the dishwasher, washing machine and dryer during "peak" hours. Typically off peak hours are very late in the evening or night, but if you are an insomniac like me or work late, you WILL save money using this trick. Whenever you use the washer and dryer, try to do consecutive loads so the dryer doesn't cool down then have to warm back up, saving you money. You will also need to replace your light bulbs with LED's or CFL's. I hate CFL's because of the warm up period but to bring the cost down, used LED's in rooms where you must have bright light ASAP such as a bathroom and CFL's in other areas where a 4 or 5 minute warm up is not such an irritant.

    Unplug rarely used items and turn off things when they are not being used. Also, if you have an old style water tank, make sure it is insulated and make sure all your HVAC ducts are connected securely as well. Some people insulate their ducts to maintain the air temperature. Change your HVAC filters regularly. If your filter is gray, brown or black, you're costing yourself money with increased and unnecessary loads on your HVAC system. There are lots more tricks and tips but this is probably more than enough for now smile