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    recoverytoolsrusposted 5 years ago
    SalvationDATA has been offering new and advanced data recovery solutions to law enforcement agencies worldwide, such as cyber crime unit, national security lab, anti-corruption bureau, department of justice, etc.

    In order to give the best services to law enforcement customers, SalvationDATA has decided to offer client-onsite data recovery solutions. SalvationDATA will send out the best data recovery experts who are not only data recovery experts on SalvationDATA data recovery equipment and technologies, but comprehensive data recovery experts on other popularly used data recovery equipment and technologies in the market as well.
    These specially selected SalvationDATA data recovery experts will really help law enforcement agencies to train and create their own in-house data recovery engineers, select the best data recovery software and hardware and other related data recovery tools, components and resources. More important is that these experts will teach and show how to understand different damages and failures of different storage medias such as hard drives, flash drives, Server Raids, etc and then how to use SalvationDATA data recovery equipment to recover the lost data or potential evidences in an effective and efficient way from those damaged storage media.
    These data recovery experts will fly to the law enforcement agencies’ places and meet the ‘boss’ and ‘students’ there and then give them face to face consultation and onsite data recovery training courses. All training courses will be customized according to a previous investigation into the possible attendees who will join the onsite training or the specific needs or aims of the law enforcement agencies themselves.
    So, if you are law enforcement agencies seeking new advanced data recovery solutions, look no further than SalvationDATA client-onsite data recovery solutions. Email us to[at] or get a free quote online.
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