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Best Water Parks in Michigan

Updated on May 25, 2012

Here are some of the best water parks in Michigan including great wolf lodge, avalanche bay water park, splash universe water park resort, wildwater adventure, full blast, thunderfalls family water park, bavarian inn lodge, rolling hills water park, zehnder's splash village water park, and kinde water slide.

Best water parks in Michigan

Great wolf lodge, Michigan
Great wolf lodge, Michigan

1. Great wolf lodge: Great wolf lodge is an indoor and outdoor water park and is located in traverse city, Michigan. The indoor water park features 4 story play area, interactive tree structure features eight water slides and 12 levels of fun adventure. The outdoor water park has whirlpools, activity pools, zero depth entry pool and snack bar.

2. Avalanche bay indoor water park: Avalanche bay is a 88,000 square foot indoor water park and is located in Boyne falls in northern Michigan. Highlights of the park include kids play structure which features slides, bridges and miniature slides. The water park offers offers slides, rides, kid's pools, lazy river, climbing wall, and surf simulator

3. Splash universe water park resort: Splash universe is located in Dundee, Michigan. Highlights of the park include splash universe dunde, water slides, addventure areas, rippling river, family spa, hot tub, lazy river, interactive play structure and arcade.

4. Wildwater adventure: Wildwater adventure is included with admission to Michigan adventure park. It is located in  Muskegon. The park features wave pools, kiddie rides, body slides and tube slides.

5. Full blast: Full blast is a indoor and outdoor water park located in battle creek, Michigan. The indoor water park features two 100-foot water slides, lazy river, zero-depth entry pool, interactive water play area. The outdoor water park has water playground, pools and water slides.

Splash universe water park
Splash universe water park

6. Thunder falls family water park: Thunder falls water park is located in Mackinaw city, Michigan. Thunder falls offers exciting slides including 12 water slides, wave pools, lazy river, beach volleyball areas, interactive play area for kids, body slides, tube slides, hot tub, double trouble tube slides and arcades.

7. Bavarian inn lodge: Bavarian inn lodge is a indoor water park which features 5 indoor pools, 3 hot tubs, whirlpools, adult pools, zero depth pools and kids play area. Bavarian inn is located in Frankenmuth, Michigan.

8. Rolling hills water park: Rocking hills water park is located in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Highlights of the water park include wave pool, kiddie slides, zero depth pool, lazy river and gentle bubblers.

9. Zehnder's splash village water park: Zehnder's splash village is located in Frankenmuth, Michigan. It features lazy river, dumping bucket, giggling gorge, 4 story tube slides, arcades and hot tub.

10. Kinde water slide:  Kinde is just minutes away from port austin, Michigan. Kinde water slide offers exciting water jet slides, miniature golf, rock wall, and arcade.

Avalanche bay water park, Michigan

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    • profile image

      jmoore557 6 years ago

      Water slide that are high makes kids go fast, which is a good thing.

    • profile image

      lea 6 years ago

      you people should vote for splash universe.

    • brimancandy profile image

      Brian 6 years ago from Northern Michigan

      Just a comment about Wildwater Adventure at Michigan's Adventure. I have been to the park many times, and the water park is pretty big. They have 3 wave pools, a lazy river, body slides, raft slides, and 2 family raft rides. They also have the Funnel of Fear, which is a blast! They also added a new play structure this year, which added more slides to the park for kids.

      But, the difference between Wildwater Adventure and the others, is that it's part of a complete amusement park which features 6 roller coasters, including Shivering Timbers which is one of the biggest wooden roller coasters in the world. They also offer miniature golf, go karts, and Rip Cord.

      It's a little pricey, but if you plan your day right. You can save money, and have a good time. The admission to both parks is a flat rate of $26.00 per person, not including parking which is around $8.00.

      Your hub has inspired me to write a hub about Michigan's only Amusement park. Thanks!

    • johnb0127 profile image

      johnb0127 8 years ago from TX

      There is a Great Wolf Lodge close to where I live in Texas. Its a GREAT attraction and I recommend it greatly. Good hub!