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Las Vegas Holiday Review. Las Vegas Attractions

Updated on August 29, 2012

A guide to Las Vegas

What can a small city in the middle of a big dessert offer for a good time? There are many interesting places to see in Las Vegas aside from the casinos. From international performers, to tribute artists, to excellent magicians, to hot performers, to sold-out athletic events; Las Vegas is filled with great entertainment 24 hours a day, all year round. Booking a tour can keep you on your toes with many entertainment options because Las Vegas attracts numerous performers, some of them considered the best in what they do. These top draws keep the city humming with life day or night. Try to include some of these performances in your next trip for a more complete experience.


Las Vegas at night with a little bit of Paris
Las Vegas at night with a little bit of Paris

Vegas Brings the World to You

Why travel around the world when you can let the world come to you? Las Vegas features nice replicas of famous sites like Hawaii, Paris, and New York. They even have the pyramids and sphinx of Egypt there. A monorail ride that covers the entire Vegas strip can let you see all of these while saving a few bucks though this route that starts at MGM grand ,passes by the Imperial Palace, and ends in the Sahara hotel goes through the back so your view might be a little different. The lucky ones can buy a 24 hour unlimited monorail pass for just $9.  This ticket usually costs $15 so you get to save $6 and if you have one of these you can ride the strip as much as you like.

Grand Canyon Skywalk

 Stratosphere , Insanity.
Stratosphere , Insanity. | Source

All-round Adventure

Las Vegas can also be part of a much bigger tour that extends to other Nevada tourist spots. A good tour may include a side trip to the many considers to be the greatest landscape feature on earth - the Grand Canyon. When you go to these kinds of trips, be sure to bring lots of clean water and keep your cameras on standby because there is a beautiful picturesque view anywhere you turn. If you still have time, visit the Hoover dam in the Nevada- Arizona border and you will not regret it. This marvel of human achievement is a definite must-see. You may also try the fun filled Colorado River boat rides, camp out on horseback. There are agents who offer these amazing detours for the outdoorsy types. However, if you are looking for unforgettable thrill without leaving the city, you should definitely try the rides at Stratosphere X theme park.

Las Vegas Tips

Most people going to Las Vegas fly in but there are many who think a road trip through the desert is a fun journey with friends. If you decide to take this route, be wary of the many possible goings-on and take some safety precautions. For international visitors they might consider buying a phone card from the airport or from other spots in Las Vegas to contact people outside the city, state, or overseas. This little card can be very useful. You will save an absolute fortune on international calls home.

Other reminders in Las Vegas trips include keeping to the speed limit when driving, avoiding the city traffic, and wearing of comfortable shoes because walking around the city and the malls can be fun but they are huge; so always be with someone you know and can trust and enjoy the fun atmosphere. Keep your valuables to yourself and take care of them. Las Vegas has its share of opportunism so it is better to be careful.

MGM Grand Hotel and Casino
MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

A visit to Las Vegas would not be complete without a visit to a casino, obviously only gamble with what you can afford to lose,and in many casinos when ever you are gambling ALL drinks are free, so small stakes gaming will help you with your drinks bill.

The wonderful thing about this fascinating city is that it always changes. New buildings are added and the hotel lobbies and shops are constantly renovating to add more attractions. Chances are, between the time you read this and when you get there, many pleasant new surprises might await you.



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