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The Imagination Station

Updated on July 14, 2016

Highlights of The Imagination Station:

  • Big wooden castle with many tunnels and towers
  • Picnic Area
  • Nature Trail
  • Big Open Field
  • Basketball court
  • Fun for all ages

Not Just Any Park

I know the perfect place to go when it is a nice day and you need your children to get out of the house to get some exercise! To find the best place to keep children active without spending a dime is a simple thing to do. Every town or city has at least one park, but they can sometimes be rather boring when there aren't other kids to play with or enough equipment. A slide, swings and at least one jungle gym is essential to any park. This special park that we are blessed to have in the area goes well beyond that. It is a castle inside a park, inside the woods, that also has a beautiful, but short, nature trail. If you do take the trip there, plan on spending the day; the kids will be constantly busy and never want to leave.

A few side-views

Check out the beautiful background of mountains!
Check out the beautiful background of mountains!
finding her way through the maze
finding her way through the maze
easy monkey bars for the short kids
easy monkey bars for the short kids
the super speedy slick slide
the super speedy slick slide

The Castle

Imagination is key to every child’s development, that is why this park located in Gilford, NH is rightly labeled “The Imagination Station”. It is built right at the elementary school so that children can enjoy it daily. Why is this such a great name for it? The so-called “station” is actually a huge wooden castle! You can just imagine the games that kids will create with this magical place. Children are free to roam about through small towers (parent’s beware, they can be hard to squeeze through)with two to three levels. Everything is completely secure and recently was coated specially to prevent anything from rotting or splintering. Coming out from one side are three huge, shiny slides; two are straight while one is curving. If these are too big for your little one, there also smaller structures with small slides not to mention swings, monkey bars, big tires you can climb on, and a big bouncy “truck”. Tunnels throughout the castle make it exceptionally fun to play hide and seek.

Outside Fun

Benches and tables provide excellent picnic spots, and a place for the tired out parents to rest. If you have time, a trek on the nature’s trail through the woods is fun for all ages. It only takes about an hour (if that) to see some water, small bridges and even find a salamander. Of course there is a big open field to play in, and basketball hoops if your kids enjoy sports. There are also the little jumpy toys that are perfect for babies and toddlers; a big bus that can fit about ten kids in it that moves around like they are driving it, and a few of the new, improved, safer see-saws (some people call them teeter-totters).The best reason for choosing “The Imagination Station” is that children will be so worn out that you will be sure to have some nice, quiet rest time afterward.

Have you been there? What do you think?

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On the nature trail

there  is more than just the woods I have captured here
there is more than just the woods I have captured here
enjoy the beauty and the peace
enjoy the beauty and the peace


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    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 5 years ago from New York

      Nice introduction to your lovely children's park. We are fortunate to have a similar set up in a public park in Kingston, New York. Hours and hours of fun time on those wooden structures! Voted up.