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Tips for Awesome Ice Skating Experience

Updated on December 9, 2012

Tips for Awesome Ice Skating Experience

Tips for Awesome Ice Skating Experience. Ice skating is gliding and moving on ice by the use of a ice skates and it can be done for various reasons for traveling, leisure and other sports too. It can be indoor and outdoor and on bodies of frozen water like lakes and rivers.

For me, ice skating is the perfect activity which allow family to get together and enjoy the fun and the snow (indoor skating rink) even if you are in a mild temperate place and snow is not available. The gliding, falling and the fun it brings when you skate is really awesome.

When you like to have an awesome experience when you are skating you need to have basic reminders about ice skating.

You can also skate whatever the time of the year as long as there is facility near you. It brings so much fun specially to children and even adults too. You will really enjoy it, of course you will fall at times, it can be fun too, until you learn the balance and to glide properly.

Tips for Awesome Ice Skating Experience

Growing up in a tropical country where we don’t snow, my parents see to it that we enjoy skating in the nearest skating rink. Even in my place now where snow doesn’t come, skating is still an activity I never fail to like as it brings so much fun specially if you are with your children and teaching them the skills too.

Two type of skating

  • Indoor -- usually a facility which is open to public during off winter season and throughout the year.
  • Outdoor -- whether in the pond and anywhere else as long as it is safe and flat area to avoid accidents

Tips for Awesome Ice Skating Experience

  • Enjoying the fun comes if you are comfortable with the clothes you are wearing, have the proper safety equipment like elbow and knee pads
  • Wear a helmet like bike helmet and/or hockey helmet
  • Wear the proper attire as at time indoor arenas are cold of course; wear jacket, pants, socks, gloves and of course neck warmer. Be sure you are comfortable with the clothes you are wearing and warm enough
  • Be sure that the shoes you are wearing is comfortable and fit them nicely, as well for adults too. For children, do it for them just to be safe
  • Choose a skate shoes which should be comfortable on your feet, practice walking on it.
  • If you are a beginner you can also buy an equipment called “Easy Glider” which assists children's body on the ice. This is also available in the arenas or you can use a lightweight chair. I saw some use this and it is safe and effective in learning too.
  • The ice hurts and it is very dangerous if you fall so treat it as your friend, relax and have fun, while wearing the helmet to protect your head too.
  • You can also hold on to a chair but it is preferred to walk alone, walk at the start so you can learn faster
  • Be patient and always rest when you are tired.

Thanks for reading ths hub - Tips for Awesome Ice Skating Experience!


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