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Have you had a good experience when traveling?

  1. hawaflava profile image52
    hawaflavaposted 7 years ago

    Have you had a good experience when traveling?

    example was the hotel to your liking were the staff helpful and friendly was the car rental friendly those are a few examples.

  2. wytegarillaz profile image75
    wytegarillazposted 7 years ago

    we are normaly happy with everything, last weekend we had a night in a hotel in Port Denison WA, had a big room, king size bed $80 !
    Lady was friendly , had a nice pool etc !

  3. kimbles profile image45
    kimblesposted 7 years ago

    Lots of good and a few bad. If you get the location wrong or the hotel choice you have to hold your hands up and say it was your lack of research that failed, I never get annoyed if these are wrong, I put it down to live and learn.

    What you can't control are things like rude staff and poor quality food or dirty rooms, those are the things that make me mad and yes, I have had to complain a couple of times.

  4. lilian_sg profile image74
    lilian_sgposted 7 years ago

    Generally I have had more positive than negative experiences. And when something unexpected turns up, just take it as part of the experience. Even if you plan well, you cannot predict what will happen. Some tips here to ensure a smooth journey/flight: http://hubpages.com/hub/Air-Travel-Tips … Time-Flyer